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We are currently in the midst of what WHO is referring to as A Global Pandemic and these are some scary times. COVID-19 is taking a huge toll on pretty much every aspect of our lives. We are not only forced to be quarantined but also forced to work from home.

Let’s be real, working from home comes with its unique struggles. You are surrounded by household chores, family, children, pets, and many other distractions. And it can get difficult to build an environment to be efficient amidst all this chaos.

Some people don’t find it ideal to work from home while others are more productive when working from home. If you struggle to be more efficient, we’ve got you covered. Here are some tips to boost your productivity to get things done while you are remotely working: 

1. Continue with the same morning routine:


This is an important step that many fail to follow. Numerous studies show that while working from home, following your morning routine and getting ready for the day can immensely raise your productivity. Stick to your normal schedule as much as you can. Without putting too many efforts, dress up for work. The point is to get out of your pajamas and your comfort zone.

2. Have a dedicated clean and organized workspace:

Find a space in your house to work that is comfortable but not too comfortable. We recommend staying away from your couch and bed. Make sure this space eliminates as many distractions as possible. It is also essential to keep your workspace clean and organized. A tidy space helps to focus on your work better and it tends to boost productivity.

3. Use a planner and make a To-do-list:


Making a good old fashioned to-do-list can help you accomplish your daily tasks on a day to day basis. Use a planner to have a work structure and list down tasks according to their importance. Cross out completed tasks to keep you motivated. Make sure your tasks are realistic and achievable. Identify tasks that are most difficult to least and work on the difficult ones first thing in the morning. In other words, it is better to work on things that you dread the most at the beginning of the day rather than putting them off all day long.

4. Set timers and take small breaks:

According to the Pomodoro method, you should dedicate 25 minutes to work and then take a 5-minute break to make your work worthwhile. This method is recommended by many professionals that work remotely on a day to day basis. Setting a timer to do so gives you a sense of urgency to complete your task and that helps you to not get distracted by little things. Even though the 5-minute break sounds counter-productive but it isn’t realistic to believe that you will work throughout the day with no breaks. This method helps professionals to be more focused and combat lack of motivation. It also works as a reward system.

5. Try to minimize distractions:


Working from home can be difficult since people encounter a lot of distractions. It is essential to minimize them as much as possible. Finding a dedicated workspace is hence important. With so much happening worldwide it also gets difficult to stay away from your socials. Scrolling through timelines can be addictive too. It is important to minimize the mindless use of social media and blocking everything out while you are working. If you are taking 5-minute breaks and checking your social platforms make sure these don’t exceed the time limit since social media can take up a lot of your time without you realizing it. A great method to do so is by limiting screen time on each application of your phone.

6. Workout:


Due to the growing concerns related to the novel Coronavirus, people are now maintaining Social distancing. As a cautionary measure, gyms around the world are temporarily closed. Since everyone is saving extra time on their commute to work, at home workouts are a great recommendation. A study conducted by JC Coulson suggests that regular exercise, not only improved the well-being of the participants but also noted 72 percent improvement in their time management.

It is essential to remember that it is all about discipline. After a point, working from home and staying indoors can get daunting but right now that is all we can do to stay safe. We hope everyone is doing well and staying productive at the same time.

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