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Since the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been forced to work from home. Initially, it seemed fun until it was notI miss my daily routinephysically going to the office and working rather than being home all the damn time. The nostalgia made me realize how incredible my workplace and my coworkers are. I miss my life at Vervotech. The FOMO motivated me to write this blog. Where do I even begin? Let me first give a brief about Vervotech. Vervotech is a travel technology startup that has AI-based travel tech products. At Vervotech, we have a small and growing family of around 20 talented, innovative, and passionate people that I dearly miss. I focus on what the culture is like and what goes down in a day at Vervotech.

Our day normally starts at 10’o clock and depending on our work it ends anywhere between 6-7’o clock in the evening. What’s a better start to the day than a hot and brewing cup of coffee/ chai? We can count on Jayesh, our lovely pantry boy who promptly takes care of our refreshment needs throughout the day.

To keep our daily tasks and accomplishments in perspective, we have scrum meetings with our respective teams, first thing in the morning. This assists us to plan our daily work in an organized manner. Everyone helps each other out if someone is stuck with challenges. Discussing and resolving issues that we are facing is one of the key components that help us to truly work as a team. For technical help, we have colleagues with more than a decade of experience in the domain of Travel technology who always make time to assist us. We are fortunate to be in an open work environment where you can just approach anyone from CEO of the company to the HR. Emphasis on just about anyone! You don’t usually find that in the workplace. I truly believe this separates us from many other companies. Our life at Vervotech is quiet laid back that way.

Between 12:30 to 14:00 according to our comfort and work priorities, we have our lunches. After lunch, we are back to the grind. As per the project and our roles in the company we get the opportunity to connect to our clients. Our office is not only a workplace but a fun-place as well. We are true seekers when it comes to finding ways to solve a business problem and we sure can find ways to enjoy each others company. Praveen, a software developer at Vervotech is well versed in starting a general conversation that involves pretty much everyone. It is safe to call him the entertainer of the team. Sometimes I think that these conversations are necessary as it highlights everyone’s thoughts and opinions. These conversations help us to not only understand each other but also helps in creating a great bonding experience amongst the team.


We also have been practicing healthy living in the office. We usually start the day by weighing ourselves on the weighing machine that is placed right at the entrance of the office. To promote a healthy lifestyle, we have friendly workout competitions amongst ourselves throughout the day. These include push-ups, planks, crunches, squats, and much more. Highlighting the record holders on the board works wonders to keep us motivated. These competitions haven proven to be a great mental break.

Speaking of mental breaks, our HR Vaibhavi arranges Fun-Friday activities where we play different games every week. This works incredibly to keep us engaged. We have a dartboard, Jenga, Ludo, and other fun games at all times to have that essential break when we find ourselves stuck with something like a code not working properly or even a writer’s block. During tea breaks, snack arrangements are made for the employees. That’s always fun! We even have Team lunches. On the first anniversary of Vervotech, we went on an outing to Alibaug along with our family members. It was a two-day trip and to explain the amount of fun we had this blog would not be enough. Vervotech does not leave any opportunity to bring happiness in the life of an individual since their joining. 

The work here is so amazing. As a software engineer, I get to work on updated technologies. Vervotech provides a platform to groom my tech stack. As I mentioned earlier, few of our colleagues have more than 10 years of experience in travel technology and they have used their knowledge in the domain to provide travel technology solutions. We have a Book Reading Club where we get to expand our tech knowledge beyond our work. I am a huge fan of music especially hip-hop (rap). I always seek for a stage to perform and here at Vervotech whenever someone joins the company I perform a little rap during their introduction. This makes me improve my rapping skills and at the same time, it comforts the new joinee.

Irrespective of COVID 19 and social distancing the communication between all of us continues to stay uninterrupted and we are managing to stay productive at the same time. To keep us engaged we still have virtual fun team activities where we play games and share screens via Video calls.

The part of working at Vervotech I love the most is how considerate the employees are and the amount of effort everyone takes to stay engaged. You will also see that we are a diverse group. We have people that are freshers out of college to experienced employees with abundant knowledge. Why wouldn’t anyone want to work in such an environment where people work and enjoy together at the same time as a family? Why wouldn’t anyone want to experience life at Vervotech?

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