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Are you into the hotel selling business? Do you find it challenging to list various hotel properties on your website? or do you worry about finding up-to-date hotel content easily? 

For travel companies to provide value to their customers, they need their systems to communicate with each other and with external players like suppliers, bed banks, and hotels. This is possible through hotel APIs. Well, if you have just started your own OTA business or any travel business, you must have realized the need for different types of hotel APIs to support your hotel selling model. Let’s understand the basics of hotel API and why it is crucial for every travel business. 

What is hotel API? 

Hotel API or hotel booking API is a web service that provides access to real-time hotel data such as hotel name, room availability, hotel room pricing, hotel facilities and cancellation information. Hotel APIs source all these hotel details from multiple global hotel suppliers and then send them to require booking portals, OTAs, DMCs, tour operators, TMCs and other hotel sellers.   

Hotel APIs help travel businesses to offer more hotel options to their customers, increase productivity, drive conversion rates, maximize revenue and improve customer satisfaction. 

How does hotel API work for travel agencies? 

hotel api

Hotel APIs are the middlemen between the application (travel website or mobile app) and the web server. The travel buyers (OTAs, DMCs, tour operators, suppliers) send a request for hotel details to the application, then the application will make an API call for the requested hotel details. The API then accesses the web server to retrieve the requested hotel details from the database, and finally, the data is shared with the travel buyers. 

So, every time an OTA, DMC or any travel business uses software to communicate with other software, they would be using APIs to obtain the required information.  

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Different attributes of hotel API

  • Hotel booking API 
  • Hotel search API  
  • Hotel content API  
  • Hotel mapping API  
  • Hotel price comparison API  
  • Hotel cancellation API 
  • Booking amendment API 

Hotel booking API 

Hotel booking or hotel API manages the complete hotel booking process. The hotel API provides a list of hotels, confirms bookings, manages cancellation and modifications, payment information, and obtains final booking information for the traveler.  

Hotel search API 

The next API in our list is the hotel search API that helps end-users to find the best hotel deals in any chosen city with room availability and facilities. Once the travel buyers or travel agency selects a hotel, the API will provide real-time hotel information, hotel prices, room descriptions, room images, and facilities.  

Hotel content API 

Another essential attribute of hotel API is the hotel content API. It helps travel businesses enhance their brand and customer experience. This API provides end-users hotel content information such as hotel name, address, longitude, latitude, hotel descriptions, property images, facilities, star ratings, reviews, accommodation category, price level and much more. 

Hotel mapping API 

This is another API in hotel APIs that is highly recommended for every travel agency, TMCs or any accommodation provider. Since the hotel data is sourced from multiple suppliers, the odds are high of receiving duplicate hotel data on your website. To solve this challenge, there are hotel and room mapping APIs. Hotel mapping API de-duplicates hotel data, provides up-to-date content and ensures 99.999% data accuracy.  

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Hotel price comparison API 

Consumers want an ‘all-in-one platform’ where they can compare different hotel prices, reviews and ratings and then make an informed purchase decision. For such scenarios, the hotel price comparison API is highly essential hotel API for your website. This API retrieves data from various hotel aggregators, and end-users can help their customers compare hotel information and make better reservations. 

Hotel cancellation API 

Customers like to book hotels that provide a free cancellation policy. OTAs can integrate with hotel cancellation API, which cancels the existing hotel booking easily. The cancellation API is responsible for sending reservation cancellation requests for a single booking or an entire itinerary. Once the request is approved, a cancellation confirmation number is generated to identify the hotel or room cancellation. 

Booking amendment API 

The booking amendments API takes care of any changes to a traveler’s reservations, such as change of arrival date, or change in rooms booked. These amendments depend on the room availability and room rates. 

Top 8 hotel API developers in the travel & hospitality industry 

  1. Qtech Software 
  1. Technoheaven 
  1. TravelGateX 
  1. Juniper  
  1. Dcs plus 
  1. Zentrumhub 
  1. PeakWork 

1. is one of the world’s fastest-growing travel tech companies offering various B2B and B2C related travel products. hotel API offers travel agents access to multiple hotel suppliers, GDS and consolidators. With the API integration, you can sell hotels from your current XML suppliers directly, sell dynamic hotel packages 

2. Qtech Software  

Qtech Software is a renowned travel technology company with deep expertise in creating one of the best travel software solutions in the industry. The hotel API provides access to more than 500,000 hotels worldwide, 20,000 direct hotel connections, integration with over 80 third-party suppliers and much more. Qtech Software’s hotel API offers immersive hotel reservation experience and helps customers and travel agents make an informed booking decision. 

 3. Technoheaven 

Technoheaven is another well-known player in the hotel API developer market. Technoheaven hotel API gives real-time hotel rates, availabilities and hotel booking and cancellation reports, multilanguage and multicurrency features. Additionally, they even provide insights into business profits, help increase brand presence in the global market and much more. Technoheaven hotel booking API builds best hotel booking experience and ensures to convert visitors into successful bookings. 

 4. TravelGateX 

 TravelgateX is an online B2B marketplace providing seamless connectivity between travel companies globally. Their Hotel-X API is designed for hotel buyers to source hotel and accommodation products. Through their hotel API, buyers can get access to a variety of real-time, hotel booking inventory into their applications. TravelGateX even has two API integrations- Hotel pull sellers API and Hotel push sellers API. 

5. Juniper 

 Juniper is Spain-based travel technology company offering travel services to OTAs, DMCs, wholesalers, bed banks. Juniper hotel API offers features such as hotel availability, hotel rates, hotel static data (hotel category, hotel type, room category) that make hotel booking process faster and easier. 

6. Dcs plus 

DCS plus is a travel technology company that provides business critical enterprise software for the travel industry. Dcs plus hotel API, lets travel agents search smarter, faster and book ideal accommodation for their customers with features like search by point of interest, meal type, cancellation policy, etc. 

7. Zentrumhub 

Zentrumhub is a leading hotel technology company that provides seamless hotel booking API solutions to travel sellers. Their smartest hotel API integrates all hotel suppliers into one API feed so that travel businesses don’t have to integrate multiple supplier APIs. Currently, the company offers 900,000 hotel inventory API with unique properties so that travel agencies can provide a variety to their customers. 

 8. PeakWork 

Peakwork is a travel tech company offering high performance technology solutions for the global travel industry. Their hotel API focuses on increasing revenue per room with flexible pricing and offers seamless hotel distribution with optimized margins and reduced cancellations. Through Peakwork API, you can provide your accommodation portfolio to global travel partners while retaining complete control of your rates and inventory. 


Hotel APIs have been a game-changer for the modern hospitality business. The rise of the hotel APIs has enabled travel businesses to build key functionalities quickly, which would have taken months or years to develop and deploy mission-critical hotel data automatically. Hotel APIs are a necessity for any travel company looking to deliver an unparalleled customer experience.  

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