How Travel Agencies can Meet Customer Expectations in this New Normal

Dec 22, 2020 by vervotechsolutions

Travel Agencies customer experience

In this fast-paced world with evolving technologies, every person wants the best experience with ease. Be it any industry. This year 2020 has been a lot different from the rest, which has changed the way industries used to work. Today safety and precautions are necessary along with frictionless experience.

The year 2020, was the toughest for the travel industry which paralyzed it completely, but today again the travel operations are resuming with new parameters and operational procedures. Even in this adversity the Travel Industry is rising again and forging ahead for providing the best customer experience in this new normal.

In this new normal we are now more aware of our physical surroundings, what we touch, and who we talk to instead of just traveling to the destination without looking up from the screens of our Smartphone.

User behavior towards the travel industry has undergone a massive transformation. The modern-day traveler not only compares the best deals over the booking websites but also compares the travel agency against everybody before making a purchase decision.

The abundance of options available for users today has made it even tough and competitive for online booking websites.

Today just a booking website with a user-friendly design is not enough. Users are having high expectations and for that travel agencies need to be the best of all of the rest in the market. They need to provide a wide gamut of solutions to attract customers and to be the one-stop solution for all their travel needs.

In this modern era customers are smart and they know exactly what they need.  A large number of customers approach comparison websites like Trivago to compare the deals before making a final decision. This means that even a single bad experience to the user can set a company’s journey to the down south.

The initial services of online travel agencies include a smooth interface with user-friendly design, mobile-friendliness, advanced filtering and sorting of options, Accurate hotel content, pricing, promotions, and other things as well. Everything holds critical importance for the booking websites to expand their customer base and revenues.

The Customer experience is extremely important and it should be swift both online and offline, along with personalization and safety precautions kept in mind. User ratings and customer experience decides a company’s true value and reputation, and any friction in the services can lead to huge amount of negative feedbacks from the customers.


For meeting the expectations of customers in this new normal here are the 3 major Key points through which travel agencies can meet customer expectations in the new normal:
  • Flexibility: This year was the most unpredictable with unpredictable actions. For OTA’S Flexibility is one of the most important aspects. They need to make new policies that can adapt along with the unforeseen changes, like business meetings that may get delayed or vacations that need to be canceled because due to sudden travel restrictions being imposed. OTA’s need to provide their customers with a vote of confidence for any unexpected situation in this new normal.
  • Security: COVID has made everyone aware of their surroundings and has made them concerned about security and hygiene. In this new normal travelers will make hygiene and safety measures a top priority while choosing their accommodation. So OTA’s need to pay special attention in providing this extra information to their customers for ensuring them a safe travel journey.
  • Hospitality: Most of the OTA’s focus on providing the crucial information on the listings of hotels, but the OTA’s must ensure that complete detailed information is provided to the customers like details of what is included in the stay, how long do they take to respond to queries, security measures, pickup and drop facility, etc. Further, they must provide explanations and information on local measures pertaining to COVID social distancing and other restrictions.

All of the points listed above will play a crucial role in deciding a customer’s journey on an online booking platform. It is all in the hands of OTA’s to provide their users with what they are looking for in this new normal.


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