How Travel Agencies can Meet Customer Expectations in this New Normal

Dec 22, 2020 by vervotechsolutions

In this fast-paced world with evolving technologies, every person wants the best experience with ease. Be it any industry. This year 2020 has been a lot different from the rest, which has changed the way industries used to work. Today safety and precautions are necessary along with frictionless expe...Read more

Gaurav Bhatnagar on Managing and Surviving Crisis for Travel Industry

May 28, 2020 by vervotechsolutions

  We had the opportunity to interview Mr. Gaurav Bhatnagar, Co-Founder of TBO Group and Managing Director of TBO Holidays. He Co-founded TBO in the year 2006 with his partner Mr. Ankush Nijhawan. TBO is one of India's largest B2B travel industry portal that enables their clients to serve end-us...Read more

Impact Of COVID-19 On Travel Businesses And Advice On A Comeback Strategy With Mike Putman

May 07, 2020 by vervotechsolutions

 We had the opportunity of interviewing Mike Putman, Founder and CEO of Custom Travel Solutions for understanding the impact of COVID-19 on Travel Businesses and advice on a comeback strategy. With over 3 decades of experience and in-depth knowledge in the travel industry, Mike has observed evolvin...Read more

Tips On How To Keep Team Engaged And Happy While Working From Home.

Mar 31, 2020 by vaibhavinerpagar

 As the world is facing the global epidemic of COVID-19, companies are forced to allow their employees to work from home as a precautionary measure and some have already established their remote teams. Irrespective of these measures, corporations are worried about productivity, employees morale, sa...Read more

6 Tips To Work From Home Productively

Mar 24, 2020 by vervotechsolutions

 We are currently in the midst of what WHO is referring to as A Global Pandemic and these are some scary times. COVID-19 is taking a huge toll on pretty much every aspect of our lives. We are not only forced to be quarantined but also forced to work from home. Let's be real, working from home come...Read more