How Duplicate Hotel Listings drop sales of Travel Booking Websites?

Dec 17, 2020 by vervotechsolutions

Who doesn’t want to go on a trip? Traveling is extremely special for everyone with a bucket full of memories to cherish for a lifetime. But if this travel experience gets ruined initially while booking, then what?Isn’t it something that will just make your mood off and you might even decide to d...Read more

What’s the Importance of Mapping Speed in Hotel Mapping?

Dec 08, 2020 by vervotechsolutions

The hospitality Distribution market is one of the most complex and largest among the other industries. For Hotels and OTA’s today, accurately merging multiple sources of data from suppliers is extremely challenging.Managing a large database and providing the best hotel content to online users is o...Read more

How AI and Machine Learning are Enhancing Online Customer Experience in Travel Industry?

Oct 29, 2020 by vervotechsolutions

Today the travel industry is forging ahead in terms of technology. Those bygone days are gone when travel industries had traditional ways of selling. This new age Travel industry is one of the industries where the role of AI and Machine learning has increased exponentially in recent times. Today cu...Read more

Vervotech Selected as India’s 3rd Best Travel Startup by FICCI for 2020

Oct 08, 2020 by vervotechsolutions

We are extremely happy and excited to announce that Vervotech was selected as India's 3rd Best Travel Start-Up by FICCI for 2020 at the Travel Start-Up Accelerator Series Event held on Sept 30, 2020. This event was held virtually with a judging panel of Expert Jury from the Travel and Hospitali...Read more

Celebrating Vervotech’s 2nd Foundation Day

Oct 05, 2020 by vervotechsolutions

Today marks Vervotech’s 2nd foundation day. With the vision to organise world’s accommodation data, Vervotech has evolved to be one of the finest travel technology companies in just two years. Vervotech’s journey since the inception has been astounding. We have successfully made a mark in not ...Read more

Impact Of COVID-19 On Travel Businesses And Advice On A Comeback Strategy With Mike Putman

May 07, 2020 by vervotechsolutions

 We had the opportunity of interviewing Mike Putman, Founder and CEO of Custom Travel Solutions for understanding the impact of COVID-19 on Travel Businesses and advice on a comeback strategy. With over 3 decades of experience and in-depth knowledge in the travel industry, Mike has observed evolvin...Read more

What is Hotel Mapping And Room Mapping?

Feb 14, 2020 by vervotechsolutions

Are your customers getting confused by seeing the same hotel listed multiple times which is indirectly hurting your business? Well, you are not alone. The travel fraternity faces a common problem of inconsistent hotel listings and a lot of hotel providers are trying to manage and resolve it. Since t...Read more

Celebrating One Year In Business – Looking Back At Vervotech’s Milestones

Oct 03, 2019 by vervotechsolutions

  Celebrating 1 Year of Innovation, Disruption, Expansion. Celebrating 1 Year of Vervotech. It has been a full year since we took on the mission 'to enable travel agencies to scale rapidly in the digital economy. As we celebrate our very first Foundation Day on the 5th of October, we lo...Read more

udChalo, a Leading Travel Services Provider for Defense Personnel, selects Vervotech to Expand their Travel Service Offerings

Sep 04, 2019 by vervotechsolutions

PUNE, India, Sept. 4, 2019/PRNewswire/ -- Vervotech, the emerging travel technology company known for its AI-based offerings, today announced that udChalo, a brand of UpCurve Business Services, an Online Travel portal for Defense personnel, has selected Vervotech's NEXUS Platform to launch its hotel...Read more

Vervotech Reimagines Hotel Distribution With the Launch of its AI-based Automated Hotel Mapping Tool – UNICA

Aug 12, 2019 by vervotechsolutions

PUNE, India, Aug. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Vervotech, the emerging travel technology company known for its AI-based offerings, today announced the launch of its another core product UNICA, a hotel mapping tool, expanding the company's product line. UNICA is Vervotech's most futuristic solution ...Read more