Tips On How To Keep Team Engaged And Happy While Working From Home.


As the world is facing the global epidemic of COVID-19, companies are forced to allow their employees to work from home as a precautionary measure and some have already established their remote teams. Irrespective of these measures, corporations are worried about productivity, employees morale, safety, and culture. While working remotely, it is quite difficult to maintain good communication between the employees, maintain team spirit, and to keep team engaged and happy at the same time. Teams tend to lack strong bonding while working remotely. This hampers productivity which indirectly makes it difficult for team members to contribute effectively.


Multiple researches suggest, remote teams who share a strong bond tend to be more productive. Here are some creative strategies to keep your remote employees not only happy but also engaged:


1. Communicating via Video Calls:



Keep team engaged with team video call


One of the most effective strategies to keep team engaged is communication. Employees end up wasting time when there is a lack of communication. This leads to an increase in misunderstandings and mistakes. This results in not only loss of productivity but also unhappy employees. Sending off an email and waiting for a response won’t work in today’s environment. If you want to keep your team engaged make sure you communicate with them via phone calls and most importantly video calls. In today’s digital age, video calls can prove to be a huge asset. It is an incredible tool to have more effective meetings while working from home.

Video calls give the opportunity to have face to face conversations with employees situated in different locations with ease. Weekly team video meetings lead to open, transparent and honest real-time communication. Schedule regular calls with each member of the team and encourage them to communicate. This helps to boost employee confidence, check the status of tasks, clarify issues and stay updated.



2. Have Virtual Fun Fridays



Keep team engaged with Fun Friday activities


Team building can be effortless in a traditional company culture when the work environment is in-person. But how to strengthen your remote team virtually? Thanks to the internet, conducting activities more effectively has never been easier. As an employer, you can engage your team by arranging interesting activities. These can include games, competitions and challenges, book clubs, multiplayer online games, cooking competitions, fitness challenges and so much more. Games and activities assist in bringing more human interactions to virtual work. One great idea is collecting childhood images of the employees and making the team guess who is who over a group video call by sharing screen. You can even use popular social media tools like Instagram and Tiktok for some interesting challenges that will help you to keep your team more connected and engaged.



3. Continue Virtual Celebrations & Appreciations


In an office, we can praise employees in front of other staff members or gift them personalized things. But how to do the same thing while working remotely? It is important to show you care. Recognizing the accomplishments of your employees or co-workers is a great way to make them feel included and proud. To do so, take time to celebrate them personally and in front of their team members. This helps to increase productivity and promotes new achievements. While working from home, it gets difficult to see what the employees have been doing. So, encourage team members to celebrate each other’s accomplishments and milestones.

Celebrate special occasions like employee birthdays or work anniversaries. Send them a personalized mail and carbon copy their team members. If employees are working remotely, some employers give their employees a day off. Celebrate your employees by giving them virtual gifts like gift vouchers and event tickets.



4. Performance Evaluation



Performance evaluation and reviews play an important part when you talk about productive and happy employees. Remote workers tend to be worried about their work performance, what their managers think about them, and if they are lacking productivity since no one is there to monitor their performance in person. So make sure you measure their performance on a timely basis, have two-way discussions, use the right tools to measure productivity, and analyze how much time was spent on projects and outputs. This will help employees to be more engaged and motivate them to be more productive.


By using these strategies and implementing new ways you can make your team members feel happy and at the same time connected. These tips and tricks will help you to improve your team’s communication skills which will ultimately showcase on the quality of the work done. When your remote employees feel happy and connected with the company and other co-workers, they will stick with you for a longer duration.


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