Vervotech Reimagines Hotel Distribution With the Launch of its AI-based Automated Hotel Mapping Tool – Vervotech Mappings

Hotel Mapping tool

PUNE, India, Aug. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Vervotech, the emerging travel technology company known for its AI-based offerings, today announced the launch of its another core product Vervotech Mappings, a hotel mapping tool, expanding the company’s product line.

Vervotech Mappings is Vervotech’s most futuristic solution to date, that standardizes the distribution of descriptive and illustrative content such as star ratings, amenities, geocode, name/brand, description, images, near-by attractions, and other static content, to help the agencies maximize correctness of travel reservations. Hotel mapping tool delivers four new primary capabilities Content duplication & Standardization, 99.99% accuracy in mapping, elegant UI & dynamic Self Subscription models, as well as a series of enhancements for business users who can now get rich data in real-time.

“Improperly sorted data, aka poor hotel inventory mapping is a pressing problem for the industry today. Currently, for most hotel distributors and travel agencies, their hotel data isn’t properly sorted, Vervotech Mappings was launched to solve this major issue,” said Dharmendra Ladi, the architect of product & CTO at Vervotech. As per the industry trend, mapping with more than 95% coverage enables organizations to offer 35% larger than their competitors.

Vervotech Mappings deals with the continuous challenge of changing static content around hotels. With this launch, Vervotech Mappings delivers capabilities that surpass anything available in the market,” said Sanjay Ghare, CEO at Vervotech.

The software regularly curates 500 GB data that amounts to 100 GB of content search indexes, and 321,014,667 records (960,000 Properties, 14,005,959 Images, and 16,890,485 Amenities). It is a future-proofed application with the capacity to handle 5 times more data than what it has today. Vervotech is planning to target to onboard 50 clients by the end of 2019, to expand Vervotech Mappings reach to a variety of travel business models around the world.

About Vervotech:

Established in 2018, Vervotech was founded by a team of passionate entrepreneurs, who came in with a collective experience of several decades in the travel technology industry. Vervotech aims at collaborating closely with travel agencies to help solve complex problems by leveraging artificial intelligence, putting data at the core of decision making and being laser-focused on their clients’ business.

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