Our client is one of the largest B2B travel agencies in the whole of Asia. With revenues exceeding 500 Million USD every year, the client is not a new entrant to the Online Technology space. Apart from having an efficient and a well-equipped travel e-commerce website, the client supports its customers through its huge B2B network, through branches and franchises spread widely across India and the Middle East.

Key Challenges

The client started selling hotels actively, almost a decade ago. As a part of an aggressive growth strategy, they were looking out for an urgent solution to a few specific challenges as listed below:

Faster Searching Speeds

In a multi-supplier environment, the search results that display on the screen are as fast as the slowest supplier connected to the API. Searching speeds can become a huge bottleneck in the overall user experience.

A Support for Multiple Currencies and Suppliers

The client operates in multiple markets including India, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and the United Kingdom. Every geographical market has different needs including operating currencies, and multiple accounts with suppliers for different currencies

Need for an Increase in the number of suppliers

The client was connected to a total of 9 suppliers with their earlier technology vendor and wanted to increase the connected supplier count to remain competitive in the marketplace.

Need to Bias the Display of Hotel Search Results

Based on deals available with the Hotel suppliers, Travel agents need a capability to show popular hotels from the suppliers higher up to increase the chances of conversions.

When a software system goes down during peak hours, it impacts business as well as reduces customer confidence denting the business further.

The Solution

We offered NEXUS, A unified API by Vervotech to our customer. With NEXUS, the following commitments were made:
  • NEXUS is a single unified API connected to over 50 suppliers
  • ...
    NEXUS guarantees a processing time of under one second for hotel listing and room listing API’s
  • NEXUS will allow you to bias hotel results from the admin panel
  • ...
    The NEXUS API will return results as they are received from the supplier, thereby making search results fast.
  • NEXUS will enhance the accuracy of the search by using sophisticated algorithms that use polygon, radius and geo-code based searches
  • ...
    NEXUS will accurately map hotel results across multiple suppliers to avoid duplicates
  • NEXUS maps room level data accurately to avoid duplication of data
  • ...
    NEXUS books multiple rooms in a single transaction avoiding business losses due to failures and partially booked transactions
  • NEXUS biases search results by displaying content from the preferred supplier first

The Benefits

The client moved all their businesses to NEXUS on the 1st December and the impact was measured across few months:
  • Multiple Currencies
    The client launched their business in all markets with NEXUS, to support operating currencies including INR, AED, SAR, OMR and GBP
  • ...
    Multiple Markets
    The client launched their business across all models including B2B, B2C and B2E in 60 days
  • Optimized Search Speeds
    With most optimized search integrations, cached hotel static content, search speed was optimized to be the best in the class. With streaming of NEXUS APIs, customers started seeing actionable hotel results in less than 2 seconds in every case with 6-8 seconds of average response time to make full response set available from all suppliers. It was seen that the NEXUS processing time after supplier response was always under 200 milliseconds.
  • ...
    Increased Supplier Count
    The client was able to seamlessly increase the number of suppliers on the platform to improve the overall inventory for their customers. They started with 9 suppliers in December and activated a total of 16 suppliers within the next ______________ months. In effect, the client completed their commercial agreements with 7 additional suppliers and went live within 90 days. The target is to expand these connections to 22 suppliers by December of 2019.
  • Preferred Supplier Biasing
    About 5% of hotel inventory, drives 90% of sales. With our strong biasing algorithm, the client was able to apply relevance rules to bias results and display the top-selling inventory on priority to their customers.
  • ...
    Business Growth
    The client’s business grew by 18% in just 4 months. With more suppliers, superior hotel and room level mapping and accurate display of essential information, the client saw a significant uptick in the total number of conversions too.
  • UpTIme
    NEXUS was built for the cloud. With superior infrastructure to support the software, NEXUS guarantees 99.99% availability. For our client, we were able to demonstrate a 100% uptime in the last 4 months.
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