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Do you have hotels coming from more than one supplier?

  • Are you missing hotel Ids from one or more providers?
  • Do you have incomplete or inaccurate addresses?
  • Do you know if the same hotel is coming from multiple suppliers?
  • After talking to hundreds of customers and an even higher number of prospects, we noticed many of them had spent countless hours trying to map hotel codes from different suppliers internally. But in most cases, we realized a one-time mapped file could solve the mapping problems, saving time, money, and resources. So that’s what we have built!
  • – Chief Product Officer, Vervotech

Introducing Hotel Codes Mapping

Get the mapped data for any 3 suppliers of your choice & we will email you our entire list of mapped hotels from 400+ pre-integrated suppliers
You will also get free mapping with a unique Vervotech hotel id for your provider’s hotels.

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How it works?

Enter the names of 3 Bed Banks and get data from 2M+ hotels from the list of 400+ pre-integrated suppliers, bed banks, hotel chains, content providers, etc.

  • Enter contact details along with names of 3 suppliers of your choice
  • We will email you a link to make the payment via email and also confirm the names of suppliers/bed banks again.
  • Within 48 hours of receiving the payment, we will email you the entire list of mapped hotels with 30+ attributes for each provider
  • You can reach out to us in case of any questions on

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Get data for more than 2M+ hotels for a
limited time price of $1,999 only

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