Brand Mapping

Make it easy for your customers to discover luxurious accommodation.

Create easy sort and filter functionalities for Hotel Brands and Chains with our innovative feature - Brand Mapping. Built for travel management companies and online travel agencies specializing in luxury accommodations, redefine your customers' experience to book branded hotels.

Hotel Brand Mapping

Give your customers a choice of ease in branded bookings with Hotel Brand Mapping. Effortlessly create, sort, and filter functionalities on your front end, providing a seamless booking experience. Enabling your clients to explore and book hotels of specific brands across any location, all within a single glance.

Hotel Chain Mapping

Link all chain hotels across destinations with the chain name or ID to display all properties in any location. Amplify your customer's ability to filter options and view desired results instantaneously. Whether it's a renowned chain or a boutique collection, our hotel chain mapping ensures that your customers easily find their perfect stay.

One View, Multiple Filters and Endless Possibilities

Enable the convenience of having all your properties neatly organized in one view: no tedious searches or cumbersome navigation. With Brand Mapping, customers can efficiently locate, compare, and book hotels that match their preferences, using a simple brands filter.

Key Features:

  • Effortless Navigation: Simplify the hotel booking process for branded hotels for your customers with user-friendly navigation that allows for quick sorting and filtering. 
  • Smooth UX: Provide a smooth UX by enabling customers to book hotels of their preferred brands or chains with just a few clicks. 
  • Seamless Integration: Integrate our Brand Mapping feature seamlessly into your existing platform, ensuring a smooth transition and enhanced functionality.
  • Time-saving Tool: Empower your customers to make faster decisions by presenting all relevant options in a single, comprehensive view. 

Advance Your Customer’s Journey 

With Brand Mapping, your online travel business will meet and exceed the expectations of luxury-seeking clientele. Boost the customer journey and drive bookings effortlessly.

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