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It is essential that the data being displayed on your online marketplace is accurate so as instill confidence and retain your customers in the long run. We at Vervotech are presently working with 600+ suppliers globally so as to optimize our database and provide our users with the most accurate information regarding hotels. Sign up with us today to gain access to our intuitive self-service platform that caters to all your needs regarding content management and distribution within your network and witness the difference today.

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As you know there is no global standardization of accommodation data in the world. There is no source of truth that tells you the exact information about a hotel except the hotel's website. Vervotech has built hotel master data that gives you exact information about every property on the planet, we have covered vacation rentals apartments villas resorts, etc.
We have an exhaustive attribute list with which we match each property in the database and standardize to offer it as a product, using our hotel curated content our customers experience more stickiness on their websites from the customers, which ultimately leads to higher conversions.
No, we don’t. We only provide curated content which you can map with your own hotel data.
We curate over 38 attributes that help you tell the best story to your customers.
Yes, we do for attributes like Room Category, View, Bed, Bed Count, and Title etc.
We provide coverage of 98% and above.
We have created Curated Rooms for more than 10,000 hotels in prime locations like Las Vegas, Dubai, Paris and Istanbul.

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