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    What Do We Offer?

    The world’s leading travel brands rely on our cutting-edge mapping technology and our fastest-growing travel ecosystem to sell their hotel properties seamlessly.

    Hotel Mapping

    Room Mapping

    Hotel Curated Content

    Our Product In Focus

    • Data access from 600 suppliers
    • 1,000+ booking portals powered by Vervotech
    • 2M+ unique hotel properties
    • 1M+ apartments
    • 35,000 premium HD images powered by our content partner IcePortal
    • 3M+ per day mapping speed
    • 60M+ provider hotels
    • 20K master room content available
    • 3M+ master hotel content
    • 10+ multilingual suppliers

    Hotel Mapping

    Duplicate hotel listings can harm your business and customer experience. Our award-winning product showcases standardized and unified hotel properties with zero duplicates.
    • World’s Best Hotel Mapping Platform by World Travel Tech Awards
    • Receive mapped content within 24 hours
    • End-to-end data visibility
    • 98% property coverage
    • 100% hotel de-duplication
    • 99.999% hotel data accuracy
    • Analysis of over 25 hotel content attributes
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    Room Mapping

    Mixed up and inaccurate room information on your portal will impact your end-user experience. Enhance your visitors purchase decision with our AI-powered room mapping that delivers enriched, unified and standardized room content.
    • Room & rate level mapping
    • Consolidates unstructured supplier room data
    • Real-time API integration
    • Analysis of 10 unique room attributes
    • 0.5 second API response time
    • Multilingual room mapping
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    Hotel Curated Content

    Tech-savvy consumers are getting smarter and want complete information before booking a property. Our hotel curated content offers accurate hotel data content to enhance your look-to-book ratio.
    • Exclusive media content
    • Up-to-date hotel brands & hotel chains
    • Accurate star ratings, property types & geo coordinates
    • Ready to use Multilingual content from suppliers
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    Why Choose Us?

    We are not just a mapping provider. We are your growth partner. We understand your travel business and the challenges you face with hotel and room data duplication. We are here to solve it. We let our powerful AI-driven mapping products do the talking.
    We have a collective and strong industry expertise of 50+ years which helps us understand and deliver innovative technology solutions to our clients and partners.
    Our powerful, intuitive Hotel and Room Mapping products make deduplication a breeze, so you can focus on your business goals and deliver stellar customer experience.
    We automate and streamline accommodation content data to simplify your solution offerings and expand your digital footprint across global markets.
    Our powerful, intuitive Hotel and Room Mapping products make deduplication a breeze, so you can focus on your business goals and deliver stellar customer experience.
    Be a part of our fast-growing global ecosystem of 600+ international suppliers, 1000+ clients, 50+ tech partners to access unique data, insights, and a well-established network with travel tech experts, peers, and influencers.

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