Unleashing The Power Of AI & ML To Accurately Map Hotel Content


Our advanced algorithm leverage the power of AI and machine learning to uniquely map hotel content with
99.999% accuracy. Our hotel mapping tools algorithm is completely agnostic to the source of the hotel
content and provides best-opinionated content to further enhance user experience.

Accuracy & Coverage

Extensive coverage of 98% and unmatched accuracy of 99.999% nullifies losses incurred from incorrect hotel listings. Manage content from over 600+ suppliers completely mapped for your convenience.

Accuracy & Coverage
Visibility & Transparency

Visibility & Transparency

A dedicated portal that overlooks your entire distribution network and highlights the bottlenecks ensures that you have complete visibility over your pipeline. It is essential that the service remains transparent so as to empower the entities involved in the distribution networks.

Hotel Level Mapping

Receive completely mapped hotel content with accurate information for each listing in regards to its name and geocode so as to get rid of all duplicate properties in your inventory thus allowing you to list only the most viable properties on your online marketplace.

Hotel Level Mapping
Speed & Efficiency

Speed & Efficiency

With our advanced AI/ML based algorithms, it is possible for us to deliver mapped content within a single day thus enabling you to list your properties faster than your competitors in the same space.

Granular API

All the hotel content and mapping data are distributed using a set of web services. These APIs are designed to be very granular which allows downloading very minute-level content parameters.

Granular API
NHA (Non-Hotel Accommodation) Mapping

NHA (Non-hotel Accommodation) Mapping

NHAs are becoming very prominent part of the accommodation business. We provide the accommodation mappings not only from the well-known global suppliers but also from the regional vacation rental providers as well.

Self-Service Portal

Ensure that you have complete visibility over your data through extensive reports that highlight the key challenges within your distribution network. An intuitive dashboard and a self-service portal provides greater control over your content.

Self-Service Portal
Real-Time Updates

Real-Time Updates

Multiple updates in real time daily ensures active collaboration with leading suppliers in the market. Leverage the power of the latest AI/ML technology to push content to your booking platform within minutes.

Insights into Content Quality

Unified and standardised content provides an insight into supplier content quality. Quickly determine the quality of content provided by your suppliers to make better informed business decisions on the fly and also gather information regarding the data that you received during your latest update through the portal itself.

Insights Into Content Quality
Service Quality & Support

Service Quality & Support

A dedicated 24/7 support team is always ready at your service to address each one of your concerns, issues, queries and grievances. Our tech gurus are constantly looking for ways to make your day easier and provide you with the most reliable, dependable and holistic mapping service in the market

Hotel Images

We have exclusive partnerships with IcePortal so our customers can get reasonably priced access to 35,000 premium HD images and videos to enhance the end-user booking experience

Airport & Train Stations Mapping

Airport & Train Stations Mapping

Our airport and train station mappings give you an accurate distance to the nearest airport and train station. This helps you in branding and upselling specific properties.

File-Based Integrations

Seamlessly integrate our API into your existing platform within minutes for a fully automated 360° content management experience. We support both CSV as well as API based integrations so that you are never lost for options.

File-Based Integrations

How Vervotech Hotel Mapping Works

Content Sources

Hotel Suppliers

Direct Chains

Channel Managers


Static Content Companies


HA Suppliers

Extranet Hotels

Vervotech Hotel Mapping

Data Sanitization

Data Validation

Data reconciliation

Remove Duplicates

Assign Master Vervotech ld

Schedule Auto Content downloaders

Check mapping coverage

Check mapping accuracy

Detect Delta changes

Portal Insights & Statistics

Location Mappings

Granular APIs

System (Distribution)


API Customers

Whole sellers




Tour Operators


Our Hotel Mapping Process

Data Collection

Vervotech hotel mapping tool collects your suppliers data either through API or our standard FTP file transfer.

Data Standardization

Data coming from suppliers tend to have different attributes, or all the attributes are not similar. To avoid inconsistencies and standardize data we convert supplier data into our static framework.

Data Processing

Through AI and ML, our algorithms intelligently analyze and identify the property information like Hotel Type, ID, Amenities, Policies, Star Ratings, Reviews, etc., and group the similar hotels with identical parameters in one category.


To deliver mapped data, we offer three basic APIs to get

  • Newly added hotels
  • Updated hotels
  • Deleted hotels

You can easily download hotel content subsequent to the above data sets by just making an API call to our Get Hotel Content endpoint.

Download free sample data of accurately mapped hotels.

Some of Our Clients and Partners

FAQs on Hotel Mapping

We can either integrate your Extranet with our platform as a new supplier so you can get all the mapped content through our APIs.
The other way is to add a separate provider on our platform for your Extranet hotel content and share the content via FTP.
Vervotech currently works with 600+ suppliers globally. That's not it! We keep adding more and more suppliers to our list. If you see that a supplier you currently are working with is not on our list, we can add that supplier to our list and provide you with the mapping services for that supplier.
The net mapping time for a new supplier can vary depending on the method of data transfer.
For an Integrated Supplier: These are the suppliers with their APIs already integrated with us. In such a case we can simply run a downloader for their data to be mapped. Our speed is 500k mappings per day. The first download would take some time, but the consecutive data download is incremental and can happen much faster. We highly recommended having all suppliers as Integrated suppliers.
For Non-Integrated Suppliers: These are suppliers which are not integrated with us. These suppliers can be either converted to Integrated suppliers via API integration which can take a few days. Otherwise, we can run their mappings via FTP. However, the mappings would every time take time as per the size of the file instead of an incremental sync. Read more about API Integrated suppliers and FTP Integrated Suppliers.
We have an exclusive client portal where you can quickly check for the provider on the Hotel Mapping Summary Page. Also, you can search by typing the provider’s name in the search box.
We have public pricing. Please refer to our pricing page. We have plans for everyone from startups to large enterprises, the plans start from $399.
We observed a significant gap in terms of customer service with our existing competitors. And we decided to bridge that chasm of promise and delivery. Customer success and service quality are at the center of our engagement.
As a data company focused on accommodation content standardization, we deliver unmatched accuracy and coverage complemented by our 24*7 assistance. All of it together makes Vervotech a complete Hotel Mapping provider.