Unleashing The Power Of
AI & ML To Accurately Map
Hotel Content

Hotel Mapping API

Our advanced algorithm leverage the power of AI and machine learning to uniquely map hotel content with
99.999% accuracy. Our hotel mapping tools algorithm is completely agnostic to the source of the hotel
content and provides best-opinionated content to further enhance user experience.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, absolutely. We can map your own contractor hotels or your extranet hotels. And this is possible from our self-service dashboard.
40% as we speak, and we continue to integrate suppliers each day.
Booking, Agoda, Hotelbeds, TBO, Expedia, WebBeds
Our data is continuously updated on our platform. As a subscriber, you can sync the updated data every 24 hours. We have optimized each supplier in the back end to ensure that the latest data is always available to you.
It depends upon the number of suppliers assigned to the account but ideally not more than 1 day.
Yes, we do. In fact, that is what the customers love about us. Our intuitive self-service dashboard helps you to take business decisions quickly, at the same time it gives you deep understanding of your content.
Our pricing is public, it’s on the website. Hotel mapping ranges from $4800 to $21000 depending on the number of suppliers & other deliverables.
Customer success and service quality are something which are at the center of our engagement. As a data company focused on accommodation content standardization, we Deliver unmatched accuracy and compelling customer experience. When we onboard new customers, our customer success team connects with them to understand how can we make their experience with our products better. As a true travel technology company, we keep customers at the center of everything and we observed a big gap in terms of customer service with our existing competitors.

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