Room Mapping is for you if you want to
  • Avoid duplicate rooms coming from multiple suppliers
  • Improve user experience with standardized rooms content

What is Room Mapping?

Room level mapping is the process of identifying a room’s data via multiple parameters, detecting which listings are the same and providing unique rooms for showing them on your website with best price for each of the rooms. These parameters to identify data consist of Room type, View, Description, Room Code, Amenities, Bed type, Policy, and much more. It aims to improve the customer experience while finding the right rooms and optimizes profitability for the business.

Why Vervotech Room Mapping?

Supplier Agnostic Mapping:

Our AI-based mapping algorithm initially analyses a substantial amount of room’s data then extracts and creates standardised information of rooms with mappings of multiple suppliers..

Standardized Room Data:

Room mapping plays an essential role since unorganised data can affect content quality and customer user experience. To increase bookings, clear and correct room results should be displayed. Vervotech Room Level Mapping helps in correcting incorrect data along with filling in the missing data. Customer purchase decision mainly relies on user experience and Vervotech Mappings helps you do just that by providing standardized and quality room content.

Go Live in days with simplified API integration:

A simple API based integration enables you to map rooms in few days rather than weeks or months. Send all your rooms data to the API and get standardized rooms data of the hotel along with mapping of all supplier rooms.


Is it mandatory to use Vervotech Hotel Mapping Module to use Room Mapping Module?

No, You can use standalone mapping for rooms as well.

Most of the suppliers just give room names, can I use room mapping by just providing only room names?

Yes, this is normal. We take care of extracting information like beds, view, amenities and more from the room name. We do add missing information in response.

How long should we be caching room mappings at our end?

You can cache it until you don’t get any new rooms from suppliers for which the room data is missing in your local cache. It can happen in a day, week or even a month. This is subjective to each hotel.

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