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When traditional hoteliers would think of branding, they would get a unique logo and put it almost everywhere, from adverts, to the front desk and the uniforms of their staff. Boom! They would believe they did an excellent job branding their hotel brand. They probably did because only a handful of players had the wherewithal to do branding.

However, now digital has democratized access to advertisement channels. Not only your core competitors but a player who just entered the market can challenge you and eat a fair amount of your business. So, how do you stand out in a crowded market? For that, you must position yourself uniquely. Once you figure out your positioning, all critical functions of your business, like Marketing and Sales, will be able to leverage that to sell your hotel brand effectively from a better vantage point.

What is hotel positioning?

Hotel positioning is creating a unique, differentiated image or identity for a hotel in the minds of consumers to make the hotel stand out from its competitors. Hotel brands typically achieve it through marketing, branding, and developing unique amenities and services.

For example, a luxury hotel might focus on its elegant decor, fine dining options, and high-end spa services to attract wealthy, discerning travelers. On the other hand, a budget hotel might focus on its convenient location, affordable prices, and basic amenities to appeal to cost-conscious travelers.

Another example of hotel positioning could be a hotel that positions itself as a family-friendly destination, offering kid-friendly amenities and activities, such as a pool, a game room, and a playground. This type of hotel might target families with young children as its primary customer base.

Four smart ways to build a hotel positioning strategy


The goal of hotel positioning is to create a clear and compelling image of the hotel in the minds of consumers. And to differentiate the hotel from its competitors in a way that resonates with its target audience. There are many ways you can achieve it. Here we talk about four strategies that can stand out in today’s market and help you create a unique proposition for your hotel business.

Turn the table 

When you find nothing on the table, turn the table. Yes, turning the table can establish yourself as a unique brand. How? By turning the table, we mean thinking unconventionally. When everyone is looking to introduce some breakthrough, you can focus on the ordinary and position it as a luxury. How will this work? Only some people want everything. And there are a lot of people who want basic things right. Find the essential things not many in the industry sell, but you do. Like there are many corporate travelers who already have had enough of luxury, all they want is an experience that is close to the comfort of home. Rather than selling them the luxury of hotels, sell them the comfort of home.

Create blue ocean

By creating a blue ocean, we mean creating a whole new category altogether. One step ahead from “turning the table.” The way OTTs brought live sport on the internet. Once you can redefine a category, you redefine a market and the competition. You will have the first-mover advantage, and everyone else will play a catch-up game. Couple-friendly hotel was a blue ocean someone, pet friendly for others. You can create a category, something like “toddler-friendly” hotels, and be a leader in that market.

Get one past one

To do a lot better, you don’t necessarily need to do a lot. When we say, “get one past one,” we mean thinking about the number one in your industry and finding out what’s that one thing you can do better than them. Find that UNIQUE spot of differentiation, and market it. Or maybe copy it as well. Nothing’s wrong in love and business.

Be anti-establishment 

Today if you glance over social media, you will find everyone is anti-something. It’s true for your industry as well. That means people are telling you to be what some of the best players in your class are not. Gather that data about the established players in your industry and find the category that allows you to be the best “anti-establishment.” Here, you have your differentiation. Be a hero in your class by not doing what heroes do. You can do this by active social listening, observing the adverts and messaging of bigger brands, and finding the areas that travelers detest. Once you find that sweet spot, tailor a perfect anti-establishment messaging, which will help you garner the support of those individuals who don’t like the identity of certain brands, and there is a high chance they will switch to you.

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By following these four smart strategies, you can build a unique and compelling hotel positioning strategy. Remember, the goal is to differentiate yourself from the competition in a way that resonates with your target audience. With the right positioning, your hotel business can stand out from the crowd and attract more customers.

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