What’s the Importance of Mapping Speed in Hotel Mapping?

Dec 08, 2020 by vervotechsolutions

The hospitality Distribution market is one of the most complex and largest among the other industries. For Hotels and OTA’s today, accurately merging multiple sources of data from suppliers is extremely challenging.Managing a large database and providing the best hotel content to online users is o...Read more

How AI and Machine Learning are Enhancing Online Customer Experience in Travel Industry?

Oct 29, 2020 by vervotechsolutions

Today the travel industry is forging ahead in terms of technology. Those bygone days are gone when travel industries had traditional ways of selling. This new age Travel industry is one of the industries where the role of AI and Machine learning has increased exponentially in recent times. Today cu...Read more

Celebrating One Year In Business – Looking Back At Vervotech’s Milestones

Oct 03, 2019 by vervotechsolutions

  Celebrating 1 Year of Innovation, Disruption, Expansion. Celebrating 1 Year of Vervotech. It has been a full year since we took on the mission 'to enable travel agencies to scale rapidly in the digital economy. As we celebrate our very first Foundation Day on the 5th of October, we lo...Read more

Great response after PR Newswire’s Press Release on the launch of our new product: NEXUS – a single API to connect to all suppliers

Feb 12, 2019 by vervotechsolutions

On 28th January 2019, we launched the jewel-in-our-crown, the ace-up-our-sleeve, the culmination-of-our-dreams, our first product: NEXUS- Hotel Aggregator API. It is a single API integration for travel agencies to connect to all suppliers and is the first of many innovative travel technology product...Read more