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PUNE, India, Aug. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Vervotech, an India-based travel technology company, is expanding its offerings with new supplier integrations by adding an additional 13 suppliers to its flagship product, NEXUS – A Hotel content aggregation API Platform.

Newly onboarded suppliers include WebBeds, Priceline, TravCo, Miki, Agoda, CTrip, OYO, Fab Hotels, Smyrooms, Quantum Reservations, Red Apple, Innstant Travel and Nuitee. NEXUS now offers a total of 900,000 unique hotel properties across 200 countries to its clients.

NEXUS, a unified API product that comes pre-connected with hotel content suppliers, aims at transforming a travel agency’s business with its 3 main features:

  1. A Unified API Solution – The platform provides access to all major hotel content aggregators through a single integration. Travel agencies no longer need to integrate a supplier individually, thereby making NEXUS, the only hotel content API they will ever need.
  2. Incredible Search Speeds – NEXUS promises to serve hotel search results at speeds that are unmatched in the industry, thereby enhancing the overall user experience.
  3. Artificial Intelligence to Maximize Conversions – The product leverages artificial intelligence to help travel agencies price their inventory correctly thereby helping businesses maximize conversions and positively impact their bottom line.

Vervotech is planning to add 20 additional suppliers by the end of 2019, to expand NEXUS’ reach to a wide variety of hotels around the world. The solution allows travel businesses to operate varied business models by providing support for multi-currency environments.

Positioning itself more and more as a key player in the competitive online travel technology market, Vervotech caters majorly to online travel agencies, corporate travel business, loyalty companies, Destination management companies & B2B Travel agencies.

With an extremely capable team, innovative product plans and an expanding list of customers, Vervotech is clearly set to succeed.

About Vervotech Mappings:

Vervotech Mappings is a leading Hotel Mapping and Room Mapping API that leverages the power of AI and ML to quickly and accurately identify each property listing through the verification of multiple parameters. With one of the industry’s best coverage of 98% and an accuracy of 99.999%, Vervotech Mappings is quickly becoming the mapping software of choice for all leading global companies operating in the travel and hospitality industry. To learn more about Vervotech Mappings and the ways it can enhance your business in the long run contact us:

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