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How a Leading Hotel Distribution Company Improved Booking Volumes & Revenue using Vervotech Hotel Mapping Solution

    Challenges Our Client Faced:

    • Unorganized hotel data
    • Inconsistent hotel listings
    • Revenue loss
    • Lack of visibility

    Value Delivered By Vervotech

    Improved client’s decision-making 10x faster

    20-30% faster time to market than their competitors

    30% increased bookings and 15% increase in revenue

    Delivered daily real-time content updates for up-to-date inventory

    Download This Case Study to Find Out:

    How the distribution company increased booking volumes

    How Vervotech Hotel Mapping removed unmapped properties from the client’s hotel inventory

    How Vervotech helped the company showcase mapped hotel inventory across their entire distribution network automatically

    It has been rewarding to see accurately mapped hotel inventory through Vervotech’s platform. Now, our hotel content is streamlined which has enhanced our overall business and improved customer satisfaction to a great extent.

    Chief Product Officer, Hotel Distribution Company

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