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Risk Management Consulting Firm Uses Vervotech Hotel Mapping Tool and Master Content for Travel Risk Assessment and to Produce Safe Travel Security Guidelines

    Our client worked with travel companies, the travel companies used to send them trip itineraries which included hotels and other accommodation data. Now, it was our client's job to survey and monitor the location and take an assessment of any potential threats. But the hotel Identification with poor data quality made identification a daunting task for our client. With our Hotel Mapping Tool and Master Content, Hotel Identification became 200% Faster.

    Challenges Our Client Faced:

    Due to the poor quality of data, our client faced difficulties finding the following:

    • Geo Codes
    • Locations
    • Exact Hotel Names
    • Exact addresses to be processed in monitoring tools

    Value Delivered By Vervotech

    Swift Identification of hotels increased our client’s operational efficiency by 200%.

    Real-Time access to correct hotel data made our client prepare travel guidelines 3x faster.

    Correct Geo-codes made accessibility to locations 300% faster.

    Detailed descriptions of hotels made decision-making 4x faster.

    Download This Case Study to Find Out:

    How our client used our Hotel Mapping Tool to match the exact entries and to trace the hotel data from their master database.

    How our client built global content database using our Hotel Curated Content.

    We witnessed a monumental efficiency improvement of 4x in decision making, backed by the detailed description of Vervotech Hotel Mapping and Curated Content.

    Chief Product Officer – A Global Risk Management Consulting Firm

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