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As we are still reeling from the impacts of the pandemic, it is our travel and hospitality industry that has been impacted the most. The constant state of uncertainty has made it even more difficult for the industry to operate at its best. The consumer sentiment started with worry and frustration with the travel restrictions. This has now switched to positivity, with travelers spending more on travel. A new survey by Flywire Tech Trends found 7 out of 10 travelers will spend more in 2021. Travelers are optimistic about exploring the world with safety as a top priority.

Technology is the right tool for every travel business to ensure their customers have a safe yet memorable travel experience. The winning travel companies, travel distributors, airlines will be those that can digitalize their organization and offer digital capabilities to fortify the loyalty of today’s tech-savvy consumers. 

It’s time for our hospitality industry, which is known to deliver a stellar guest experience, to hop on the technology wagon and work towards enhancing onboarding customer experience.

In this ebook, you will get an insight into the emerging tech trends in travel and hospitality industry, how the trend of bleisure is making waves in the travel market, how airports are digitizing journeys, and much more.

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