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ESSEX, U.K. – Nov. 1, 2023 – Inntel, one of the UK’s foremost independent meetings and travel management companies, has formed a strategic collaboration with Vervotech, a B2B accommodation data management brand, to enhance its accommodation offerings and deliver immaculate accommodation content to its customers.

With this partnership, Inntel aims to deliver enhanced, deduplicated, unique, accurately mapped hotel content to its clients while ensuring efficiency and accuracy by leveraging Vervotech’s AI-based Hotel Mapping solution.

Inntel, with nearly 40 years of experience in the industry, has a well-earned reputation for exceeding client expectations by offering tailored solutions built on integrity, excellence in customer service, and the delivery of a top-quality product.

Speaking on this partnership, Alex Webber, Director of Information Technology at Inntel, said: “Inntel’s philosophy is simple – we do whatever it takes to shape and deliver quality technologies backed by exceptional support. Our partnership with Vervotech to leverage their AI mapping tech is a step that further consolidates our commitment”.

Sanjay Ghare, CEO of Vervotech, added, “Inntel is a company with a rich legacy of over three decades and a commitment to excellence in inspiring. This partnership promises a mutually beneficial relationship where both organizations benefit from each other’s expertise.”

This alliance with Vervotech, known for its expertise in accommodation data management technologies, will enable Inntel to streamline hotel content and enhance the quality of data offered to its clients.

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Prashant Chauhan

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About Inntel

Inntel is one of the UK’s largest independent meetings and travel management companies. With nearly 40 years of experience, Inntel specializes in selecting venues, managing events, and sourcing travel and accommodation. Intell excels in providing top-quality customer service and delivering quality products to its clients, all while prioritizing people and professional partnerships.

About Vervotech

Vervotech is one of the leading AI-driven mapping companies offering Hotel Mapping, Room Mapping, and Hotel Curated Content solutions, empowering travel companies worldwide to deliver quality travel data to their customers. Vervotech is a part of Juniper Group, a subsidiary of Constellation Software Inc (TSX: CSU), one of the world’s largest software companies.

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