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Quatre Bornes, Mauritius

Shamal Travels, a leading Mauritius-based online travel agency providing travel products to both outgoing and incoming passengers in the region has announced a partnership with Vervotech, a renowned B2B accommodation data management company, to enhance its offerings and deliver immaculate accommodation listings to its customers.  

Shamal Travels is focused on catering to the rising standard of living in Mauritius and new needs and wants among the Mauritian people – of travel and overseas vacations.  

Through this partnership with Vervotech, Shamal’s goal is to integrate Vervotech’s AI-driven hotel mapping technology to offer its customers an up-to-date property list with the latest content, removing all potential chances of duplicate hotel content and bad property mappings. 

This move also nullifies any possible challenges for Shamal related to passing outdated hotel partner data to its customers, which effectively enhances the quality of its accommodation offerings. 

Ajmal Tincowree, Director at Shamal Travels, shared his perspective on the partnership, stating, “This partnership with Vervotech is very crucial for our efforts to maintain the quality and reliability of our offerings as we continue to cater to the increasing demand for internationals and domestic travelers in Mauritius and beyond.  

Shilpi Yadav, Commercial Director, Vervotech added, “We are proud to work with a distinguished brand like Shamal Travels. This partnership is a testament to the credibility and effectiveness of our product, and it significantly enhances our footprint in the Mauritius market.” 

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Prashant Chauhan

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About Shamal Travels

Shamal Travels Ltd, a part of the Shamal Group, has been a registered and licensed ‘Travel Agent’ and ‘Tour Operator’ since 2006. The company’s objective is to meet the diverse travel needs of its clients by offering a wide range of high-quality travel products and services to Mauritian travelers.  

About Vervotech

Vervotech is one of the leading AI-driven mapping companies offering Hotel Mapping, Room Mapping, and Hotel Curated Content solutions, empowering travel companies worldwide to deliver quality travel data to their customers. Vervotech is a part of Juniper Group, a subsidiary of Constellation Software Inc (TSX: CSU), one of the world’s largest software companies. 

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