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[DUBAI – Aug. 1, 2023]Peakpoint Global, a dynamic player in the travel industry specializing in targeted and niche travel products, announces a strategic partnership with Vervotech, a leading AI-driven mapping company transforming the accommodation data segment. 

Through this integration, Vervotech’s clients can now benefit from having Peakpoint’s codes meticulously mapped with Vervotech IDs. This mapping process facilitates a streamlined search and booking process, resulting in enhanced efficiency and accuracy for travel agencies and their customers. 

By integrating with Vervotech, Peakpoint can now offer travel agencies and Vervotech’s clients the opportunity to access Peakpoint’s extensive inventory seamlessly through Vervotech’s APIs.

Sercihan Sen, Director of Peakpoint Global expressed excitement about the alliance, stating, “Teaming up with Vervotech marks a significant milestone for Peakpoint Global. With this association, our mutual and prospective customers can benefit from Vervotech’s mapping technologies and further elevate the quality of their accommodation content. Being a customer-friendly organization, I’m bullish about this partnership. Our mutual customers can expect nothing short of excellence as we harness the power of advanced mapping solutions”. 

Sanjay Ghare, CEO & Managing Director of Vervotech, shared his enthusiasm, saying, “Partnering with Peakpoint Global presents exciting prospects for both companies. We are eager to leverage Peakpoint Global’s industry knowledge and forge new paths in the travel technology industry. Together, we will create unparalleled travel solutions, setting new benchmarks for customer satisfaction.” 

The integration with Peakpoint reinforces Vervotech’s position as one of leading players in the travel technology sector, known for innovative solutions that redefine the travel industry’s landscape. 

About Peakpoint Global

Peakpoint Global is a forward-thinking travel company founded in Istanbul, offering targeted and niche travel products to Tour Operators, Travel Companies, and Global B2B Wholesalers. With its experienced founding partners in tourism and travel technologies, Peakpoint Global aims to generate sales with maximum efficiency while considering the unique needs and sensitivities of each role in the travel network supply chain.

About Vervotech

Vervotech is a leading AI-driven mapping company at the forefront of transforming the accommodation data segment. With innovative solutions such as Vervotech Hotel Mapping, Room Mapping, and Hotel Curated Content, the company empowers travel companies worldwide to deliver exceptional travel experiences through advanced technology. 

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