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4th, Aug Virginia,  

Tripcorner, a multinational travel agency with a stronghold in the US, INDIA, and Thailand, signs a “technical cooperation” agreement with Vervotech, one of the world’s leading travel technology companies in accommodation data space. 

Tripcorner is already using and a beneficiary of Vervotech’s AI-based hotel mapping and content products. The agreement will further enhance its capabilities to access more nuanced features of Vervotech’s accommodation technologies, help Vervotech in the research and development of new products and let Tripcorner be part of the beta user of Vervotech’s upcoming suite of technologies. 

Through this “technical cooperation” agreement, Tripcorner aims to benefit from continuous innovation at VT labs. 


Paul Kapoor, Founder & CEO, Tripcorner 

We have been using Vervotech’s mapping products for a considerable time now, and the technologies have certainly helped us do business on a greater scale and accuracy. So, I’m extremely joyed to come up with this new “agreement” with Vervotech. I’m sure it will open more growth opportunities for both organizations.  

Sanjay Ghare, Managing Director, Vervotech  

It’s a treat working with Tripcorner. They are an exciting bunch of people, always determined to take their business a notch up – solving conventional travel problems through innovative ways. I can’t wait to work with them under this new arrangement. 

Vervotech Media Contact: 

Read the full release here.

About Tripcorner

Tripcorner is a superlative online travel agency. It is powered by modern tech and offers comprehensive accommodation, tours, flights, and insurance products. The company specializes in providing best-in-class, highly curated holiday packages with lucrative offers. 

About Vervotech

Established in 2018, Vervotech, a SaaS company was founded by a team of passionate entrepreneurs with the vision to organize global accommodation data with 100% accuracy by leveraging AI/ML technology. Vervotech provides the most comprehensive solutions in the travel industry, including hotel mapping, room mapping, curated content.

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