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PUNE, India, Sept. 4, 2019/PRNewswire/ — Vervotech, the emerging travel technology company known for its AI-based offerings, today announced that udChalo, a brand of UpCurve Business Services, an Online Travel portal for Defense personnel, has selected Vervotech’s NEXUS Platform to launch its hotel service offerings for its valued customers in the Armed Forces.

Earlier this year, Vervotech Solutions launched a new-edge Travel technology platform – NEXUS, a single API to connect to all suppliers.

udChalo was looking for a solution that would allow themselves to connect to the best content sources and make them available for their customers. In addition, to continue to thrive in the quickly evolving and fast-growing global travel industry, the company needed a platform to accelerate bookings and optimize their commercial relationships with the company’s travel partners like Oyo and Fab Hotels, to name a few.

udChalo aims at making life simpler by building a convenient and cost-effective platform for the soldiers to access travel services and Vervotech is helping us achieve this goal for our Hotels offering,” said Varun Jain, udChalo’s Founder and CEO.

Through our partnership with udChalo, we are very proud to partner with and offer our services to Defense personnel. As a company, we aim to provide the Armed Forces travelers who book through the channel of udChalo with the best search speeds, up-time, and accuracy of all the information in a booking flow,” said Sanjay Ghare, CEO of Vervotech.

udChalo – founded in Sept 2012 – to honor the brave men for their hard work, dedication, sacrifice and their unwavering families for the sacrifices they make for the nation’s safeguard, and the graduates from the Army Institute of Technology. udChalo partnered with the travel suppliers to provide concessional travel booking services exclusively to soldiers for all their travel needs and is proud to be the ‘Recognized Travel Partner for Indian Armed Forces’. udChalo – – is rated among India’s 10 Most Promising Online Ticket Booking Companies in 2019 by Silicon India and was chosen ‘Travel startup of the year 2019’ by Entrepreneur India.

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