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PUNE, IndiaAug. 24, 2021: Vervotech is extremely happy to announce the commencement of a strategic tech partnership with Room-Res, a leading travel technology company. Meaningful strategic partnerships play a critical role in today’s market. Companies are starting to share data with each other to incorporate newer markets into their existing mix and take advantage of the opportunities present in the same.

Vervotech Mappings is a source agnostic API that provides unified content to help enhance the user experience by standardizing the distribution of descriptive and illustrative content to help travel businesses maximize the correctness and accuracy of hotel reservations. With Vervotech Mappings, Room-Res gains access to over 50+ million supplier codes from over 225 leading hotel data suppliers all mapped for their convenience.

Dharmendra Ladi, Co-founder and CTO at Vervotech, said, “Engagement with Room-res has been very collaborative and we have received insightful market-specific feedback that helps us to optimize and improve our services. We enjoy all clients but working with tech-savvy clients like Room-res is really joyful for all of us at Vervotech.”

James Mooring, Co-founder and Co-CEO at Room-Res, commented, “The Vervotech platform, and the team’s client-focused flexibility, has allowed us to optimize and automate our hotel mapping processes delivering both efficiency and mapping benefits. The result is that we can ensure that the breadth and depth of our hotel offering enables travel agents on Room-Res to quickly and simply find the best value hotels which provides a competitive edge for those agents and great deals for their customers.”

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About Vervotech Mappings

Established in 2018, Vervotech, a SaaS company was founded by a team of passionate entrepreneurs with the vision to organize global accommodation data with 100% accuracy by leveraging AI/ML technology. Vervotech provides the most comprehensive solutions in the travel industry, including hotel mapping, room mapping, curated content.

About Room-Res: enables travel agents to quickly and simply find the best value hotels, transfers and attractions, highlighting agent-only rates that provide a competitive edge for agents and great deals for their customers.

The Room-Res booking functionality and unique tools intuitively make complex itineraries easy to build, hold and confirm. This makes it incredibly easy for agents to build exciting and profitable packages – either bespoke for a specific client, or to be duplicated and booked effortlessly multiple times, as well as making it easy for them to create great-looking, high-converting online sales materials.

This is all underpinned by our renowned Australia & USA-based customer service teams.

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