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Pune, Maharashtra, India: 

Vervotech, one of the pioneer travel technology companies in the B2B accommodation data management space, signs Indonesia, one of Asia’s fastest-growing travel companies for its Hotel Mapping and Hotel Curated Content Products. offers a comprehensive suite of travel, retail products and financial services on web and mobile apps platforms which are consumed by 20,000+ travel agents within Indonesia. Indonesia will now be able to access Vervotech’s hotel mapping API that leverages the power of AI to get rid of duplicate listings, fill in missing data and provide the latest and most relevant & updated hotel content in order to provide smooth and enriched experience to its travel agents network.

Also, Vervotech’s Hotel Curated Content, powered by 400+ suppliers, will enable Via to display enhanced hotel content like ratings, multilingual content, brand descriptions, IATA codes, non-hotel accommodations (NHA), points of interest, nearby Airport, Train Stations, and 40+ other attributes.


Srinivas Murthy, Director of VIA Indonesia, says, “The customer experience and convenience have always been central to our offerings. And it is a constant pursuit, and we want to be better every day. The affiliation with Vervotech is an act in the same direction, and I’m sure after integrating Vervotech, we’ll be able to provide a more convenient booking experience for our customers.”

Dharmendra Ladi, CEO, Vervotech says, “Via is an ambitious travel company with footprints in many major travel hubs. I see this as an excellent opportunity for us to work with an organization that shares similar values. I’m excited to work with them and enhance their capabilities with our advanced accommodation data technologies.”


Media Contact: Prashant Chouhan

About is one of the leading distributors of transportation ticketing, accommodation reservation, packaged tours, corporate travel management, travel ancillaries, and retail and financial services. The travel company operates in India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, and UAE, serving over 13000 pin codes.

About Vervotech

Established in 2018, Vervotech, a SaaS company was founded by a team of passionate entrepreneurs with the vision to organize global accommodation data with 100% accuracy by leveraging AI/ML technology. Vervotech provides the most comprehensive solutions in the travel industry, including hotel mapping, room mapping, curated content.

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