Unleashing The Power Of
AI & ML To Accurately Map
Room Content

Room Mapping

Room level mapping is the process of identifying a room’s data via multiple parameters such as room type,
view, description, its code, amenities, bed type and policy so that the same property does not get listed on
your platform twice. It effectively filters out duplicate listings of the same property coming from multiple
suppliers to reflect the best possible listings on your online marketplace.

How It Works

Data for same room


Result on website

  • Standardised
  • Missing Data Added
  • Duplicates Removed
  • Categorised & Grouped
  • Fully Mapped
Deluxe Room, Resort View - Refundable
Bed and Breakfast


Data Collection

The client uses our enterprise-level web services to send us the room information.


Data Standardization

Our Room Mapping algorithms intelligently identify the raw data and standardize the room information in a qualified manner.


Data Collection

Through Deep Learning, our algorithms intelligently analyze and identify the room information like Room Type, View, Bed, Room Attributes, etc., and groups the similar rooms with identical parameters in one category.


Data Collection

Our cutting-edge technology provides completely mapped rooms with accurate and detailed information. By using Room Mapping, you get standardized room data; missing data is added, duplicates are removed, categorized, and grouped in one and fully mapped.

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