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AI-Driven Content Distribution and Management is very important as we are entering into a new world of possibilities – the era of technological innovation! With major advancements in the technological capabilities of businesses, the limits are being pushed harder and further than ever before and at the core of this new world of possibilities, lies the twin pair of AI and ML, the holy grail and the hottest topic of discussion across global business circles. Therefore, it is essential that businesses today not only understand the meaning of these two terms and the ways that they are constantly impacting their industries but also incorporate the same into their existing mix so as to remain relevant within their market. So, what exactly are AI and ML? How are AI and ML being used by modern businesses when it comes to managing and distributing their content across their networks? These are some of the questions that we come across frequently, so let’s take a closer look at these two terms and strive to unravel the secrets behind the pair!

What is AI and ML?


AI-Driven Content Distribution & Management In Travel And Hospitality

AI or Artificial Intelligence, as the name suggests, is the simulation of human intelligence by modern machines through the process of repeated learning, correcting and reasoning. A machine, while being incapable of making decisions by itself, can process a large number of data sets quickly in order to reach certain conclusions. Once such conclusions are met, a machine can quickly identify whether that conclusion is favourable or unfavourable in nature. If the conclusion is unfavourable, the machine can quickly repeat the entire process till a favourable condition is met. Once this condition is met, the machine then registers that process and can apply it each time to reach a favourable conclusion without fail. This is called Machine Learning. Therefore, it can be seen that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are intricately linked to each other where the application of Machine Learning leads to further models of AI with progressive levels of intelligence. We can then safely conclude that Machine Learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence that continuously feeds computer systems with large amounts of data so that they can build relationships between data-sets and apply the same to the data-sets that are being fed.

AI and ML in Travel and Hospitality


Systems in the travel and hospitality sector aren’t much different – companies are increasingly applying AI-Driven Content Distribution into their technologies so as to make the systems faster and more efficient. When working with large sets of data, software that relies on AI and ML can quickly quantify data-sets in order to reach meaningful conclusions thus making the entire system extremely fast and accurate. For example, a supplier may be delivering content to multiple different sources multiple times a week. Since listings change quickly, it is essential that this data or content is constantly updated so as to provide the best possible listings to customers and cut down on losses due to erroneous listings. Here, a supplier may use AI and ML to automate the entire process where new listings will be automatically sent to specified points thus cutting down on valuable time and resources.

Modern travel agencies need to constantly update their platforms and reflect the latest changes in bookings so as provide their customers with the most updated and accurate data possible. However, most of these travel agencies tend to work with multiple suppliers who are feeding data into their systems continuously. It is quite understandable that duplicates and inconsistencies will be present in the data when it is being consolidated from multiple sources. Therefore, this travel agency may apply AI-Driven Content Distribution in order to consolidate all incoming data and quickly identify the duplicates and get rid of them then and there.

As it can be seen from the above two examples, AI and ML can be applied in every field in order to make the process more efficient, fast and intuitive. Whether you are a supplier who is supplying data to multiple sources or a travel agency that is consolidating data from multiple suppliers, you can use incorporate AI and ML into your existing systems in order to make them more efficient.

AI and ML in Vervotech Mappings


AI-Driven Content Distribution & Management In Travel And Hospitality

We, at Vervotech, believe in the power of technology to transform the entire value chain. With that thought process in mind, we developed Vervotech Mapping, a fully automated hotel and room mapping service that leverages the power of AI and ML to sustain coverage of 98% with an unmatched accuracy of 99.999%. These figures would not have been achievable without the incorporation of AI and ML into the mix. This divine pair has allowed us to not only develop a software that is able to automatically filter all incoming content for duplicates but also updates its servers through cloud-based systems multiple times a day so that our clients have access to the latest data possible.

We are building and maintaining supervised and unsupervised ML models for augmentation and algorithm improvements.

If you want to learn more about the ways Vervotech Mappings can help your business grow, click here for a guided tour of our features and services. Our support staff is always online and will be happy to guide you through the entire process!

About Vervotech Mappings:

Vervotech Mappings is a leading Hotel Mapping and Room Mapping API that leverages the power of AI and ML to quickly and accurately identify each property listing through the verification of multiple parameters. With one of the industry’s best coverage of 98% and an accuracy of 99.999%, Vervotech Mappings is quickly becoming the mapping software of choice for all leading global companies operating in the travel and hospitality industry. To learn more about Vervotech Mappings and the ways it can enhance your business in the long run contact us:

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