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At a time when the majority of hotels are booked online, consumers try to find answers to their questions – what’s the pet policy, if smoking allowed or not, what are the pool hours, is there an in house restaurant – the information is nothing but hotel content and it should be accessible in minimal time because it takes only milliseconds for a user to switch to another website.

While losing customers to competition because of operational inefficiency is something that you’d never want as an online travel business. Then, how to solve this conundrum? Can widening the set of attributes you display on your website solve this? Let’s find out!

Empowering Travel Businesses to Tell Their Best Story With 40+ Hotel Content Attributes

40+ hotel content attributes

When the range of questions coming from consumers is widening, the set of answers you provide on your website should also widen.

Although it’s understandable that data coming from multiple distribution channels is too cluttered to be displayed on websites. And keeping the hotel content data up to date all the time is another big challenge.

To solve all the issues mentioned above on one platform, you need a dedicated master tool. A tool that maps the maximum number of attributes, so you can answer maximum customer queries upfront.

There are Hotel Curated Content tools in the market that map up to 40+ attributes, allowing travel businesses to create sustainable travel businesses. These tools mostly run on AI/ML algorithms and keep your hotel content up-to-date with minimal human intervention. This empowers you to tell your best story to your potential customers.

Now, let’s have a deeper look at how these 40+ hotel content attributes take form once mapped by a hotel curated content tool:

  • Hotel Name: Online travel businesses work with multiple suppliers, and too often they end up mixing the hotel names, which creeps doubt into customer’s mind, and results in canceled or missed bookings. Top mapping tools use AI/ML algorithms to find out the correct name of the hotel and help you list accurate hotel names on your website.
  • Property Type: Giving the consumer clarity about Hotel property types, such as – Motel, Resort, Villa, etc. attracts more customers, because when customers come online to book a hotel, they already have a property type in mind, if they don’t get the matching property or not enough clarity about the property type, they are likely to leave your hotel listing.
  • Images: When it comes to hotel booking, images are key decision drivers. Hotel Curated Content tools provide image content through its network of exclusive hotel media content providers to make your hotel content completely ready for listing.
  • Star Rating: With more customers going online, putting across their opinions on their travel experiences, star rating becomes very critical to establish the legitimacy and the quality of a property. Products like Hotel Curated Content map star ratings and provide strong social proof to properties.
  • Email: To facilitate a smooth post-booking experience a Property’s email address is a very crucial denominator. There are scenarios when a user wants to connect directly to the hotel with their special requests, email addresses come very handy in those situations. Curated Content Tools accurately extract email addresses of properties from your suppliers’ data and add them to your hotel content.
  • Geocodes: At a time when everyone owning a smartphone has access to GPS technology, not providing accurate geocodes can be very counterproductive for any travel business. Curated Content Tools add accurate geocodes to your hotel content by leveraging highly efficient AI/ML algorithms.
  • Address Line1: Usually property addresses have two lines, to avoid any missing important address data, the hotel content mapping tools capture the full address in its natural form and list the first line of address in Line 1.
  • Address Line2: Detailed location information of a property comes in Line 2 of the address.
  • Country Code: HMC Tools map Country Codes provided by the International Organization for Standardization to avoid mix and match of country names in the content.
  • Supplier Name: When you take services of multiple suppliers, you must know the name of the supplier providing that hotel.
  • Supplier Hotel Id: You get access to a consolidated list of property IDs provided to you by your suppliers.

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Other Important Hotel Content Attributes to Paint a Clear Picture of Listed Properties

  • City Name: Name of the city where the property is located.
  • State Name: Name of the state where the property is located.
  • State Code: Code of the state where the property is located.
  • Zip Code: Zip Code of the area where the property is located.
  • Country Name: Name of the country where the property is located.
  • Latitudes and Longitudes: Latitude and Longitude of the property to get precise direction and location of the property.
  • Phones: Property’s phone numbers.
  • Fax: Property’s fax number.
  • Website: Property’s official website address.

As Hotel Content plays a very crucial role in the booking process, with a quality Hotel Curated Content tool, you can easily list all the aforementioned attributes properly on your travel website. And put your travel business in a position that allows you to present your best story to your potential customers, and also take your conversion numbers up north.

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