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In this big data era, any form of data is a gold mine for decision-makers and data analysts. Data has the power to streamline business operations, transform customer experience and elevate business revenue. According to Statista, by 2029, the big data market is expected to reach over $655 billion. One challenge that travel agencies, travel management companies, or tour operators face is obtaining standardized hotel data and easy-to-read datasets. This can be solved by hotel data normalization. Let’s dive into understanding its importance and how it can increase hotel reservations.

What is hotel data normalization?

Hotel data normalization is the process of organizing hotel data in a database to eliminate data redundancy and make the database more efficient. It is a process to develop clean, deduplicated, and structured data so that the final data is accurate and free of duplicate records. Basically, data normalization eliminates ambiguity and unstructured data around a hotel property information and improves the usability of the hotel data set. Additionally, normalized databases take less disk space and increase overall performance.

Hotel data normalization works for hotel name, street address, hotel phone numbers, static room information, hotel property type, country code, and much more.

Below is an example of how hotel data normalization works on raw data and ensures the database is decluttered, organized and usable in strategic business decisions.


Raw Hotel Data Normalized Data Benefit
Supplier 1: Caesar Suites, Las Vegas hotels
Supplier 2: Caesar Suites at Palace
Caesars Suites at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas Helps reduce duplicate hotel entries if matching requirements include hotel name
911234569 911-234-569 Prevents wrong dialing and makes dialing easy
2 BR sea view room 2 bedroom with sea view Helps reduce duplicate room entries if matching requirements include room name
crescent Rd, Dubai Crescent Road, Dubai Standardized address

Why is hotel data normalization necessary?

According to our research, on average, a single hotel gets listed 9 times on an OTA’s platform. Can you imagine the damage it does to customer experience?

For example, the luxury hotel resort- Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai can be displayed on an OTA’s platform as


  • Atlantis Resorts, Dubai
  • Dubai, The Palm Atlantis
  • Palm Jumeriah
  • Atlentis, Palm, DXB


If you observe, the same hotel is written in different formats or misspelled. The same happens for other hotel attributes such as hotel street address, phone number, room names, location, etc. This leads to duplicate hotel data,

Why is hotel data normalization necessary?

Advantages of hotel data normalization


Here are 5 benefits of hotel data normalization:

  1. Improves database organization 

After data normalization, the database is organized with high-quality and valuable data. This reduces data management time and helps data analysis quickly.

2. Removes duplicate data records 

Normalizing hotel data will remove the number of duplicates from your database. This method groups duplicate hotel data into one category, which makes it easy to read and analyze large datasets.

3. Reduces data redundancy 

Data redundancy is a common data storage issue and reducing data redundancy will speed up the data processing time and the organized database will be regularly updated with the latest hotel content.

4. More storage space

Data normalization reduces duplicates and data redundancies which frees up gigabyte and terabyte space. More storage space will result in faster system performance and efficient data analysis.

5. Quick data sorting

Normalized database helps travel businesses get answers to simple questions like- “how many bookings did I have in Florida” or “where are my customers traveling to most this month.” Data normalization helps spot patterns or trends that can help you design travel packages or discounts for your customers.

Vervotech’s AI-powered Curated Content tool provides high-quality hotel data so that OTAs, TMCs, DMCs, tour operators or any accommodation provider showcase accurate hotel information on their website. Our intelligent AI algorithms scan, identify, and tag accurate hotel data such as detailed hotel addresses, property type, room images, geocodes, star ratings, and much more. Our team of content analysts verify images sent by over 600 suppliers and then delivers high-quality HD hotel and room images. Currently, we deliver highly accurate master room content of more than 100,000 hotels, manually curated and verified by our team of mapping experts. Our goal is to provide normalized hotel data so our clients can easily make strategic business decisions and enhance their customer booking experience.


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