How Duplicate Hotel Listings drop sales of Travel Booking Websites?

Dec 17, 2020 by vervotechsolutions

Duplicate Hotel Listing

Who doesn’t want to go on a trip? Traveling is extremely special for everyone with a bucket full of memories to cherish for a lifetime. But if this travel experience gets ruined initially while booking, then what?

Isn’t it something that will just make your mood off and you might even decide to drop the plan?

Most travel booking websites today are trying to give their users with best online booking experience. But still, there are many major pain points which they need to look upon!

As it’s said for every business, the customer is the king, and to keep them as loyal returning customers OTA’s are trying their best to deliver the needs of customers online. For this OTA’s are looking upon the technological advancements and leveraging their business with the help of travel technologies.

One such major pain point for most of the OTA’s are duplicate hotel content. Imagine you are booking an awaited trip but when you land on the booking website you notice that the hotel which you were looking for is repeated multiple times with different hotel prices. Isn’t it a headache? You might even leave the booking website within seconds and never visit that site again due to the poor booking experience!

Let’s look upon an example of duplicate hotel content on a famous booking website:

Duplicate hotel listing

Here the same hotel is repeated multiple times with different hotel room rates. For any booking website, this issue can make or break their business and impact their user’s experience tremendously.

Why does this issue of hotel duplicates occur?

Before understanding the solution for removing hotel duplicates let’s understand that why does hotel content duplicity occur. As depicted above hotel duplicity can be a major pain point for OTA’s and the reason behind this are the number of suppliers!

Yes, multiple suppliers are the reason for duplicate hotel content! These inconsistent duplicates from suppliers can’t be removed manually, so most of the OTA’s end up with tons of duplicate hotel rooms, and they then receive angry feedbacks from confused online users.

Let’s understand it more clearly. Here is a graphic for more clarity.

Hotel listing combined

For displaying the hotel content, OTA’s have to source their hotel data from multiple suppliers, and during this process sometimes those multiple suppliers provide the data for the same hotels multiple times. This data is collected and combined and then reflected on the OTA’s websites. This inconsistency and duplicates in hotel content from multiple suppliers result in duplicate hotel content on the Travel Booking Websites.

According to the stats of the sale cycle, the global online travel market was worth more than $629 billion in 2017 and is predicted to reach almost $818bn by 2020. By this statistic, we can now understand the power of online booking and OTA. Looking at the whooping rise any serious problem while booking can cost a huge loss to the online travel agencies.

Global Online Travel Sales

Is there any solution for Duplicate Hotel Content?

Now that we know that what is the reason behind hotel duplicates, Let’s look upon the extraordinary power of technology which works magic in removing millions of duplicate properties within seconds.

Manually filtering millions of properties and then removing duplicates is near to impossible. To combat this major pain point for OTA’s travel technology ninjas are here to help!

One such technology leader in the travel domain is Vervotech! They have found a way to relieve the OTA from this major problem with the power of Hotel Mapping!

Vervotech has built a unique and powerful tool UNICA, which leverages the power of AI and has the extraordinary speed of mapping over 3 Million properties/ Day.

Let’s dig deep into how UNICA works and removes duplicates by hotel mapping.

UNICA working process

Hotel content without duplications on the travel booking websites can prove to be a USP for any OTA. For this de-duplication Hotel Mapping is proving to be a King in the travel industry!

About Vervotech:

Vervotech, SaaS Company, founded by a team of passionate entrepreneurs in 2018 with the vision to organise all accommodation data in the world with 100% accuracy and completeness by using large scale aggregation, AI-based processing, and ever-evolving ML models.

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