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A travel agency software is all-in-one travel-based software that helps you manage and automate your sales, booking, and finances operations.  

If you are a travel agency, irrespective of your business structure – B2B, B2C, or D2C, a travel agency software is a must for you.  

However, not all travel agency tools are helpful for your business. The market of service providers is enormous.  

We are helping you narrow down your choices by listing the features you must look for in travel agency software. But before we get to that, let us just quickly understand the basics of travel agency software.  

What is travel agency software?  

Travel agencies have broad portfolios of travel products, including accommodation, travel, transfers, and activities. They need an integrated application to manage both front and back-office activities. A travel agency software works as a nifty tool that helps travel agencies with multiple functions like supplier connectivity, custom pricing, tour package creation, customization, quotes, itinerary creation, etc.  

Also, a travel agency tool helps travel agencies in their marketing and finance functions either directly or by connecting with other crucial applications travel agencies use for these domains. 

Though, all the leading travel agency tools offer the functions we discussed above. This article aims to help you with non-negotiable variables of travel agency software – the must-have features of a travel agency application. 

As we talk through the following key features of the travel agency application, you will better understand where to pull the weight while choosing a software for your travel business. 

Six must-have features for travel agency software  

Must have travel agency software

For a product to qualify as a good travel agency tool, it must have the capability to accommodate and manage the varied offerings of a travel agency. Here we are not naming brands for you. Instead, we focus on something more tangible, “the features” which put together constitute a great travel agency software built for growth. 

So, without further ado, let’s look at these features one at a time: 

1. Hotel Contracting   

All the travel agency applications have a reservation management system. Still, you need a hotel contracting module within your travel agency software to use the reservation system to its true potential. It is the first feature you should check before finalizing the vendor. The reason behind this is simple – irrespective of the size and nature of your travel agency, you will always have a need to upload direct contract hotels. Thus, the hotel contracting module becomes a must.   

2. Dynamic Tours Module  

In today’s world, travel dynamics change quicker than we could imagine. The Covid-19 pandemic was a reminder of the same. So, you need flexibility from the travel agency tool, so you can always customize your offering aligning with the demands of the time – the dynamic tours module of travel agency software gets you that flexibility.  

3. Quotation System  

The quotation module is another key must-have system that must feature in your travel agency tool. The module shall have an exclusive integration capability for agents and travel partners. The system shall allow your agents to simultaneously create multiple quotes for different hotels, tours, flights, and meals.   

4. Ticketing and Tracking 

The ticketing module is the most crucial feature of any travel agency tool. Every travel management tool will have it, yet you need to make sure your software allows you end-to-end tracking of all your confirmed, canceled, redeemed, and issued tickets.  

5. User Management System   

Time is cost, and in an industry like travel, where competition is stiff, you wouldn’t want to lose customers because the travel management system is inefficient. The user management system gives you that desired pace by allowing your customers to quickly log in to your travel portal directly by their social profiles. 

6. Integrations 

Most travel agency tools allow integration with major GDSs, like Amadeus and Sabre, which is a great addition. Yet, your travel agency software must allow third-party supplier integrations like tours, attractions, bed banks, etc. The integrations enable you to access greater volume for your travel agency.  

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The above list of features is not exhaustive. The services will vary with the providers, but the features mentioned above shall be a great start to your drive to secure the best travel agency application for your business.  

The larger tip is to get the overall module right. The functions of travel agency software you learned in this piece are a non-negotiable necessity. Anything beyond is cushioning, which you can always trade with your vendor.  

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