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At online marketplaces, travelers prefer to find all travel products on a single platform. A platform that fulfills all their travel needs, from airport transfers, flights, and hotels to homestays. So, it’s a requisite for travel businesses to bring all the travel products on their platform. The stakes are high because a basic human instinct of the human being to window shop, on average, leads them to at least 4 travel websites. That’s why having enough travel products on the forum is a must, and it’s a no-brainer investment. To offer these diverse travel products, travel businesses require data from multiple inventory sources. That’s when the role of Travel APIs comes into play. 

Over the last decade, travel API integrations have entirely transformed how travel businesses consume travel content from various suppliers and serve an integrated platform to their customers, where they can find all travel products at single shop. 

The API revolution has made online travel agencies open and comfortable sharing data with third parties. It’s also because APIs offer greater control over data, and the trade happens in a secure and legitimate environment. And obviously, the benefits are immense. 

What is a travel API?

Travel APIs, or Application Programming Interfaces, are like online tools that help travel websites and apps communicate with different travel providers, like airlines, hotels, and rental car companies.

Think of it this way: imagine a traveler is planning a trip and wants to book a flight, a hotel, and rent a car. Normally, they have to go to each company’s website, look for availability, compare prices, and make separate bookings for each product. But with travel APIs, the website or app can access information from multiple travel providers at once, making it easier for visitors to compare options and make a decision.

The travel API acts like a “middleman,” sending requests for information to the various travel providers and then collecting and organizing the data it gets back. This helps travel websites and apps provide users with up-to-date information, such as flight schedules, pricing, and availability, all in one place.

In simple terms, travel APIs make it possible for travel websites and apps to do all the hard work of finding and organizing travel information so that travelers can easily plan their trips.

Travel APIs: key types and how they function

Travel APIs key types and how they function

As we briefly touched upon earlier, Travel APIs are software intermediaries that allow travel websites, apps, and systems to access functionalities and data from multiple travel providers (such as airlines, hotels, car rental companies, etc.). These APIs enable travel companies to integrate various travel services into their platforms, streamline their operations, and offer a seamless experience to their customers. 

The major travel APIs include:  

  • Flight APIs 

The flight APIs provide access to flight information, such as schedules, prices, seat availability, and booking. Travel companies can use these APIs to build their own flight booking systems or display flight information on their websites. 

  • Hotel APIs 

Hotel APIs provide access to hotel information, such as room availability, rates, and booking. Travel companies can use these APIs to build their own hotel booking systems or display hotel information on their websites. 

  • Car rental APIs  

These APIs provide access to car rental information, such as availability, rates, and booking. Travel companies can use these APIs to build their own car rental systems or display car rental information on their websites. 

  • Destination APIs:  

The Destinations APIs provide information about destinations, such as weather, local attractions, and events. Travel companies can use these APIs to build their own destination guides or provide destination information on their websites. 

  • Payment APIs 

 These APIs provide access to payment systems, allowing travel companies to process payments for travel bookings made on their platforms. 

  • Hotel and Room Mapping APIs 

These APIs remove duplicate and inconsistent hotel listings from travel portals and standardize hotel and room content for travel businesses to ensure their customers get unique and detailed hotel and room information.  

These APIs work by connecting travel companies to the systems of travel providers or wholesalers and allowing them to access and retrieve data. However, in this transmission of data between travel companies and wholesalers, a lot of inconsistencies also emerge, which lead to dissemination of duplicate and incorrect data, that’s when mapping APIs like Vervotech help in big way in keeping check on these regular inconsistencies in travel data. 

To sum up, when a customer makes a travel request on a travel company’s website or app, these APIs are used to retrieve the information and make the booking with the relevant travel provider. The APIs then communicate the booking details back to the travel company’s platform, completing the transaction. 

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Travel APIs are a crucial component for travel businesses in the digital age. These APIs act as intermediaries between travel businesses and travel providers, allowing the former to access and retrieve information about flights, hotels, car rentals, destinations, payments, and more. By integrating travel APIs into their platforms, travel businesses can provide a seamless, one-stop-shop experience to their customers, streamlining their operations and increasing customer satisfaction. From flight APIs to hotel and room mapping APIs, travel APIs are the key to providing a comprehensive travel solution to customers, making travel easier and more accessible. 


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