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How A Travel Management Company Used Vervotech Hotel Mapping Tool to Improve Operational Efficiency and Scale Direct Contract Business

    Our client, a travel management company used Vervotech Hotel Mapping to show decluttered, targeted hotel offerings to its clients and realized 2x increase in search speed, and signed 1.4x more clients, all within a quarter.

    Challenges Our Client Faced:

    • High volume of duplicate hotel entries
    • Slow delivery of manually mapped hotel content
    • Inability to feature quality Non-Hotel Accommodations (NHAs)
    • Inability to feature self-contracted hotel without multiple duplications

    Value Delivered By Vervotech

    Steller 200% increase in search speed

    Realized business growth of 140% within a quarter

    80% decrease in customer complaints due to operational issues

    Download This Case Study to Find Out:

    Despite being one of the prominent players in industry, why our client faced deep-rooted stagnancy

    How they reduced volume of duplicate hotel entries

    How they managed to feature quality Non-Hotel Accommodations

    After the integration of Vervotech Hotel Mapping, we saw significant growth in the amount of accurate data available on our portal, it helped our customers make swift booking decisions, which eventually translated into our growth numbers.

    Director of Products - A global Travel Management Company

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