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FITUR 2022

W E ' R E E X H I B I T I N G

FITUR 2022

Why are we excited to meet tech partners?

  • We want to address and fix one of the major bottlenecks of the travel industry- inconsistent hotel listings through our cutting-edge technology.
  • We believe our award-winning hotel mapping and room mapping APIs will result in mutual business growth.
  • We deliver integrated mapping solutions and curated hotel content that will improve your business performance and deliver a richer customer experience.

Why are we excited to meet suppliers?

  • We convert inconsistent hotel listings into accurately mapped content so that you can list your properties faster than your competitors.
  • We guarantee better visibility and transparency with a dedicated portal that highlights bottlenecks in your distribution network.
  • We share the secret recipe to increase the look-to-book ratio and generate more revenue.

Be a part of the global conversation to develop winning strategies that
sustain the entire travel industry

We will be showcasing our revolutionary
AI-driven mapping software

Accuracy of 99.999% makes Vervotech Mappings the World’s Best Hotel Mapping Solutions Provider 2021 by World Travel Tech Awards.

We have developed the most accurate, comprehensive, and convenient hotel and room mapping solutions with content being mapped from 225+ suppliers.

Get curated hotel and room content from multiple suppliers to ensure greater conversion rates and customer retention.

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Meet industry experts,
tech gurus, and much more
at Fitur 2022


Get express demos of our products from our tech-team and learn more about
the ways Vervotech Mappings can help your business scale new heights

  • We are the winner of World’s Best Hotel Mapping Solutions Provider 2021 by World Travel Tech Awards
  • Extensive coverage of 98% and unmatched accuracy of 99.999% nullify losses incurred from incorrect hotel listings.
  • Manage content from over 225+ suppliers completely mapped for your convenience.
  • Ensure that you have complete visibility over your data through extensive reports that highlight the key challenges within your distribution network.
  • An intuitive dashboard and a self-service portal provide greater control over your content and provide insights into the quality of supplier data.
  • Seamlessly integrate our API into your existing platform within minutes for a fully automated 360° content management experience. We support both CSV as well as API-based integrations so that you are never lost for options.
  • Receive curated room content from multiple suppliers without having to worry about duplicate rooms.
  • Sell only the most viable properties and get rid of duplicate properties in your inventory by receiving completely mapped and accurate room content for each listing in regards to its various specifications. We also provide the best possible rates for your properties thus enabling you to multiply your profits.
  • Provide us with the necessary API credentials and set up your profile to receive incremental updates from suppliers automatically without any human intervention thus allowing you to save on time, resources and manpower while reducing errors within the system.
  • When working with multiple suppliers, it is quite common for travel agencies to mix up hotel names and their relative room names leading to multiple listings of the same hotel or the room. Vervotech Mappings uses multiple parameters to identify the correct names of hotels and their relevant rooms and accurately list them on your platform.
  • The brand name associated with the property and its type (such as hotel, villa, condo etc.) play a key role towards attracting more traffic and increasing the credibility of your platform. We provide accurate star ratings and brand information for all property types so that you do not miss out on a single hit.
  • We also provide curated addresses, geocodes and locations for greater accuracy on your platform.


Come meet us and we'll let you in on the secrets behind us being
the mapping API of choice for leading travel businesses globally

We are reshaping the future of travel with technology. We are the pioneers in mapping solutions and curated content. Come meet us and see how we can transform your business and take it to next level.

Fitur International Toursim Fair 2022