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Business travel is a lot more complicated than what it looks like from the outside. Managing it requires efficient travel management tools, which are updated and address the issues of the day. Keeping all these variables in mind, we review and list the top travel management softwares available in 2022.   

The term “business travel’ often paints a rosy picture involving business class flights, expensive afterparties, stays in luxury hotels, and many other bleisure activities.   

However, in the real-world, business travel is very exhausting for both travelers and the backend administrators managing these trips. Planning, allocating, and managing business trips is cumbersome, and further, if managed inefficiently, business travel can hurt your organization’s finances.    

Therefore, to streamline business travel, you need travel management software (TMS).   

What Does a Travel Management Software Do?  

 Good travel management software allows you to devise your corporate travel policies. E.g., if you want to create a particular policy for a department that would always have to book last-minute flights, or you want to cap global nightly hotel rates, you get the flexibility to make all such policy changes.   

In addition to the above, great travel management software also let you book, track and customize your business travel. And the software provides you with critical insights into your net travel expenditure, creates custom workflows, and sets up a system for efficient employee reimbursement.   

Although not all travel management software would easily facilitate the functions above or have all the mentioned features. So, to help you make a more informed decision, here in this article, we review and compare five leading travel management software in the fray today.   

Five Leading Travel Management Software in 2022  

Five Leading Travel Management Software  

Most travel management software offers features like auto compliance with global travel policies and expense reporting. In addition to these features, we considered TMSs, which are also easy to use and simplify the booking process for administrators. 

The following travel management software fared well on the parameters we set and are offering the best value in current times.  


Salestrip is an AI-driven travel management software that offers both travel and expense management from a single tool. Despite being a feature-laden software, Salestrip’s AI-managed UI provides a clean interface to the administrators and employees. The entire inventory of flights, accommodations, and rentals is readily available in the tool itself. It does not redirect to an outside browser, makes navigation easy, and decision making faster.    

Also, the tool offers a unique feature called “Intelligent Trip Request” employees can use it to make a travel request to their managers and watch the request’s status at the same place.  

    2. Fyle  

Fyle is a very robust expense management software that offers one of its kind mobile expensing. The tool comes with features like spend analytics, approval workflows for managers, and advanced travel expense analytics.   

Also, Fyle’s expense management software focuses on employee-led compliance, meaning the tool eliminates the friction between employees and the finance team by automating expense management.  

    3. Travelperk   

Travelperk is an all-in-one tool, great for both small and midsized organizations. Companies operating with a limited workforce can also greatly benefit from Travelperk’s efficient travel management software. The platform’s interface is very adaptable; managers and employees can get complete control of their travel and accommodation bookings. Also, the platform offers excellent flexibility in booking and offers up to 80% money back when you cancel your trip.  

Furthermore, if you use Travelperk’s tool, you receive real-time updates for all kinds of travel risks before or during your travel.    

    4. Travelsuit  

Travelsuit’s USP is its neat user interface, which makes the tool very convenient to use. Anyone with minimal or no technical knowledge can easily use all tool features. The software neatly organizes the booking process for managers and employees, making it easy to fetch the best fares in the market. The tool also allows employees to send pre-set travel requests for approvals.    

Apart from the above, the tool has excellent features for budget management. Managers can obtain advance reports on travel expenditure and get comprehensive insights into the company’s travel budget.   

   5. Flightfox  

Flightsfox is a super tool for managers; they can quickly transfer all their administrative functions to this tool and relax. Flightfox comprehensively analyses all the current information about booking flights, rentals, and accommodations, then match it with the conditions you set to process employee requests accordingly.   

The software works on a cloud model, maintains a single yet extensive database, and collects data through its dynamic UI.  

Furthermore, the platform also offers one-click booking amendments and 24*7 Customer Support.    

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In today’s world, managing business travel without travel management software would risk the overall functioning of an organization, especially in organizations having business travel as an essential function. Travel-management software not only organize corporate travel but also ease operations. So, the five solutions we discussed above could be your best bet in the same direction.

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