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Hotels today use over 20+ software applications to make their business operations much smoother and faster. Through these hotel technologies, you can automate tasks, reduce costs, boost revenue, and provide an exquisite guest experience. In this article, we are going to inform you about what hospitality technology is and why hoteliers should include it in their daily tasks.

Keeping up with these technological trends is equally important which is why we have listed the top 10 innovative trends in the hotel industry in 2023.  Once you are done with the article, we hope that you will be familiar with the current and expected future trends that will help you to put yourself ahead in the competition.

What is hospitality technology & why should hoteliers care about it?

Hospitality Technology refers to all different technical applications and solutions used within the industry to boost and enhance daily business processes. It includes software that carries essential technology for hotel operations – that starts from the check-in process, handling payrolls, feedback maintenance from visitors, and all other functions that help in improving the overall experience for hospitality customers. It generally depends on a hotel’s size and complexity of operations that determine what kind of hospitality technologies they use. This type of technology is typically intended to make life easier for business employees.

Technology in hotels helps hoteliers to increase automation and ease the workload of the staff. Also, it is intended to make the business processes much faster which will potentially help you to save money as well as time. Also, you can create an ever-lasting experience for customers facilitating brand loyalty. Hoteliers can use such perks to gain a competitive advantage in the industry and mark their place at the top.

10 must-know innovative trends in the hotel industry in 2023

To stay updated with the recent trends, we have come up with a list of 10 must-know innovative trends in the hotel industry in 2023. Read the article to adapt to the current hospitality trends and stay ahead of the competition.

1. Hotel mapping solutions

Hotel mapping Solutions are another upcoming trend that aggregates hotel properties from varied sources in an organized manner to avoid any inconsistency and duplication which can be easily spotted today on multiple websites. This makes the customer experience much smoother and confusion-free which will make the booking process much more efficient.

Advanced hospitality technologies demand such advancements which reduce any setbacks prevailing in the industry.

2. Price comparison API

API for price comparison is really helpful for the upcoming future when you are trying to survive the cut-throat competition. You can get complete access to the real-time pricing of your competitors and use the hotel price Api to build your own pricing strategy and gain a competitive advantage. Technological trends in the hospitality industry like these have made the job of hoteliers much simpler and have facilitated result-driven productivity.

Schedule timely discounts and offers according to the demand and attract more customers. This will help you to generate more business than ever and also to set up a strong brand image in the market. One such helpful Price Comparison API is MakCorps which provides you with real-time pricing from over 200+ OTAs in a single search.

3. Hotel booking APIs

Hotel Booking APIs can help you increase the bookings by making the process much simpler and handier. You can use these tools to display personalized messages, guest reviews, actual property pictures, and real-time price information, and much more. All of this provides customers to book directly rather than choosing any other OTA.

4. Contactless payment system

Recent trends in the hotel industry have switched over to the digitized format to such an extent that every other process is getting more contactless. The onset of extreme conditions like COVID-19 has forced hospitality technology companies to move their business processes in a manner that has a minimum contact level.

The new technology for hotels includes contactless payment systems where customers can easily pay for the services directly without any direct exchange of money. This will also help in making customers feel more comfortable with the process and staying in hotels. Modern payment systems have even forced some innovative business owners to even accept cryptocurrency as payment.

5 Virtual reality

Virtual Reality is one of the most popular technological trends that has changed the business processes of hotels. It provides potential guests with 360—degree videos of rooms and other hotel amenities. Guests visiting a totally different and new city often face difficulties and remain stuck with the question of quality standards before booking.

Thus, options like virtual reality will help such customers actually experience the overall atmosphere of the hotels and will help them in making fast booking decisions. So, if you still haven’t updated yourself with such functionalities, upgrade yourself today to gain an edge over your competitors.   

6. Data scraping

Data Collection has always been a prime concern for hoteliers and plays a crucial part in forming a business strategy. The traditional methods used are much more time-consuming and sometimes are not even updated in real-time. But with advancements in hotel technology, advanced data-collecting systems have replaced the earlier format.

This is where Data Scraping comes in which collects and gathers recent data from multiple sources and brings the most optimum results in a single search. This helps business owners to save significant time inputs and boosts productivity with accurate and updated information quickly. 

7. Internet Of Things

Trends in the hotel industry have given birth to the concept of the Internet of Things which is a system of integrated sensors, software, and devices that transfer data over wireless networks. This systematic connection keeps a track of customer behavior, lower energy consumption, and collects other valuable data. It provides hotels to optimize their business functions aptly and provides customers with a personalized experience.

Customers can easily connect their laptop, or mobile with multiple electronic devices in their room such as lighting, door lock, temperature maintenance, and much more. It is a smart approach to the future of hotels and facilitates predictive maintenance, automated room controls, and energy management. The concept is ever evolving and is one of the must-adopt technologies in hotels to improve your functions with time.

8. Automated room controls

Many hoteliers are adopting automated room controls such as heating, lighting, and air conditioning according to guests’ needs. With the advancement of technology trends in the hospitality industry, automated processes have taken over from the traditional manual ways to enhance the customer stay experience.

The temperature, light, and other energy-consuming accessories automatically adjust their temperatures and hues according to the temperature and weather in the external environment. Automating room controls helps in cutting down on unnecessary energy consumption and also provides a pleasant experience for the customers.

9. Location-based services

Location-Based Services help hoteliers keep track of the real-time location of both staff and guests on the property. This helps them to provide customers with pleasant customer service wherever they are on the property. The current trend in the hospitality industry has shown immense growth in location-based services. Also, these solutions give turn-by-turn directions to rooms, amenities, parking, and other services of the hotel. It is worth catching on if you want to create a lasting impression on your customers.

10. Technologically-advanced meeting spaces

Modern technological advancements have impacted meeting setups as well. Modern meetings run and get managed through high-tech systems. Thus, hospitality tech must go hand-in-hand with such improvements and updates to provide their guests with a great corporate experience. If you want to attract more businesses to your hotel, you must ensure that all the amenities are top-notch with advanced technology.   


Technology is rapidly changing in every industry with continuous updates and advancements. To catch up with such fast-paced changes, every business owner must be familiar with the recent and predicted trends of the future to get an edge over their competitors.

As a hotelier, we hope that our blog will help you to get such benefits after catching up on the latest and future trends in the hospitality industry. Successfully deploying these technologies in your business process is indeed going to help you stay competitive in the industry.

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