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In the last few years, hotels heavily focused on technology to improve the guest stay. From Wi-Fi to smart TVs, hotels are constantly using in-room hotel technologies to make their guests’ experience better. If you see Forbes’s roundup of the world’s best hotels, you will find most of the hotels featured in the list are the ones who did up their technology game big time. 

In-room hotel tech makes staying easier for guests and saves you big money on operations. Also, you give your guests a reason to come back to your property. Are you also keen on incorporating the latest technologies into your hotel rooms? We got you covered. Here in this piece, we will cover all the major in-room hotel technology trends in 2022. 

Six major in-room hotel technology trends in 2023 


There are many in-room technologies that hotels worldwide are testing, so we will not focus on in-room hotel technologies that are just being tried out of fad. Here we will focus on technologies with contextual significance trending this year. And these are technologies that did work for other hotels in the industry, offered value in terms of positive feedback from guests, increased revenue, improved approval ratings, etc.  

So, without further ado, let’s look at these top six breakthrough in-room hotel technologies, which could be the norm in the future.  

  1. Web-Based Room Service Apps 

Making back-and-forth calls to hotel room service is mostly an awkward experience for guests. Hotels are now removing the calling barrier by using web-based applications to process all room service requests. The web applications run smoothly on both smartphones and personal computers. They make the delivery of this app even more effortless, which involves no human involvement. They place QR codes at the most accessible space that guests scan to access the whole app. And start placing their requests, food orders, tracking, room cleaning, and all other ancillaries. 

  1. Smart Voice Controlled Thermostats  

Ideal room temperature enhances the quality of sleep. Experts say 18.3 is the best temperature to sleep at, but it varies from guest to guest and their home geographies. But what hotels can do is they can offer the best thermostats to guests. So, now hotels are placing smart voice-controlled thermostats, which also have touch screen functionality. 

  1. Robo Services 

To maximize guest privacy and minimize human involvement in in-room services, hotels are employing robots to manage and transport laundry. Also, robots are delivering snacks, moving around the tables, and all other similar exercises which would actually require a human 

  1. Smart Showers  

The Smart showers are automated and can directly sync with the in-room touch screen devices. Guests can set the temperature of the shower before even entering the washroom. The Smart showers are extremely helpful for the elderly and children who need these adjustments done by someone accompanying them. These showers also have temperature adjustment keypads and displays.  

The showers also consume less water and energy than conventional geysers and running water setups. The experts in the hospitality industry predict that these showers will become mainstream in not more than 15 years.  

  1. Customer Support Videos 

A report suggests that guests favor customers support in the form of videos (live or recorded). Along the lines of the Smart menu, hotels are now facilitating video chat support through QR codes. In the service section, guests get a link, which directly connects them to customer support over a video chat. The chats enable guests to get their issues resolved in real-time. And if needed, request for an in-person visit.  

  1. In-room Interactive Screens 

Traditionally, guests tend to use their own devices for casual internet browsing. To add vow factors, hotels are either placing interactive computing screens or providing tablets to the guests. It also gives hotels an excellent opportunity for product placement and upsell in-hotel ancillaries. 

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The hotel technology trends mentioned above tell a story of how the industry per se is shaping. In times to come, you will see hotel hotels using more in-room technologies. The reasoning behind it is simple- as most people will have smart technologies in their homes, so they will seek a stay that is not too different from their homes. And offers them a more connected experience. Therefore, if you introduce the technologies we discussed now, you will have the beginners’ advantage.  

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