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How Vervotech Eliminated the Challenge of Hotel Content Duplication for a Leading Global Travel Distribution Company

    Our client is a well-known global travel distribution platform that connects over 100,000 travel buyers across more than 110 countries. Their products range from air, hotels, rail, car rentals, transfers, cruises, cargo, sightseeing and more. The company believes in a technology-first approach to making travel straightforward for everyone.

    Challenges Our Client Faced:

    • Financial losses due to bad mapping
    • Inconsistent hotel listings
    • Outdated hotel database with duplicate hotel content
    • Dip in hotel sales

    Value Delivered By Vervotech

    10% increase in sales

    Reduced financial loss due to bad mapping

    Reduction in hotel cancellation penalty

    100% de-duplicated hotel content

    Download This Case Study to Find Out:

    Why the client found hotel content distribution a challenge

    How Vervotech optimized the client’s master database

    How Vervotech reduced mapping errors and enhanced the client’s customer experience

    "Our biggest concern while distributing hotel content to travel agents was hotel data duplication. This led to costly mistakes and poor end-user experience. But after integrating with Vervotech's Hotel Mapping API, our master database now has unified content, enabling us to sell our properties efficiently."

    Business Development Officer, Global Travel Distribution Company

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