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Having up-to-date hotel content has become a more immediate challenge than ever before. It has become a necessity for better customer experience and increasing booking volumes. Travel platforms such as OTAs, DMCs, tour operators are investing more in improving their hotel content in 2023 and beyond. Hotel content has now become one of the top priorities for travel companies.  

Today, the modern, tech-savvy travel shopper has huge expectations from travel platforms. They want answers to every single question regarding their bookings, such as pool hours, spa facilities, check-in check-out timings, pet-friendly, in-house restaurant, and much more. According to a survey, 80% of customers said they had switched brands because of poor customer experience. It’s time to take your customer experience to another level with hotel content.  

This is your complete guide on hotel content and how Vervotech can help you achieve success in your business. 

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