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Mumbai, India, 11.08.2022- Vervotech, a leading mapping provider, announced new client signup and enhanced partnership with Akbar Travels, India’s largest travel conglomerate, for its Room Mapping solution.  

With Vervotech’s Room Mapping, Akbar will be able to enhance its website user experience with better room listings, boost customer retention, and enable its visitors to make smarter booking decisions.  Vervotech’s AI algorithm-driven mapping eliminates the chances of mapping errors and ensures that there are no unmapped room/rate types. Akbar Travels will now be able to take its mind off mapping issues and concentrate more on its overall distribution strategy. 

Jitesh Poojari, Vice President – Business atAkbar Online said, ”We have encountered a positive experience with Vervotech. They are mapping experts and have a highly efficient customer success team that quickly understands and resolves all our mapping challenges. We are excited to deepen our partnership on Room Mapping solution and enhance our customer’s booking experience.”   

“We are delighted to extend our partnership with Akbar Travels during this crucial time for the travel and hospitality industry,” said Ganesh Pawade, CTO at Vervotech. “As a key building block for enhanced customer booking experience, Vervotech’s Room Mapping solution enables travel agencies to standardise room data intelligently with AI and NLP. We’re thrilled to be able to support Akbar Travels as they continue to step up operations to meet strong travel demand.”  

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Acerca de Akbar Travels is a leading global online travel portal providing a diverse range of world-class, hassle-free travel services. Their online platform allows users to search, and book discounted flight tickets, holiday packages, visas, and other services online from the comfort of their homes, office, or smartphone effortlessly. They have more than 150 branches worldwide, extending the company’s reach to almost all major travel destinations worldwide.  

Acerca de Vervotech

Establecida en 2018, Vervotech, una empresa SaaS fue fundada por un equipo de emprendedores apasionados con la visión de organizar los datos de alojamiento globales con una precisión del 100% aprovechando la tecnología AI/ML. Vervotech proporciona las soluciones más completas en la industria de los viajes, incluyendo mapeo de hoteles, mapeo de habitaciones, contenido curado.

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