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In the post-Covid world, when travel brands are struggling to reclaim their brand identity and retain their old clients & customers – it’s the best time to use customer loyalty to your advantage. Loyalty SaaS solutions help you do it effectively.  

Emotion accounts for nearly half of a brand’s energy, says Forrester’s CX index research. It’s the emotions that fuel brand energy most, along with salience and suitability. Therefore, emotion is the predominant factor that drives loyalty among consumers. During the upheaval of the pandemic, almost all the travel brands witnessed significant erosion of brand loyalty. Now, when economic activity worldwide is slowly gaining momentum, even the travel brands that had a substantial customer base during pre-pandemic days are struggling to get any sizeable traction.  

So, how do travel brands appeal to the emotions of consumers to win back old loyalists and make new ones? The introduction of Loyalty solutions to manage consumer relationships at this juncture could prove to be a game-changer. Then, how to implement loyalty solutions? Here comes the SaaS model in the picture. Let’s discuss!  

What Is a Loyalty SaaS Solution?  

A loyalty SaaS solution is web-based software that helps you create, customize, and roll out loyalty programs. The software also offers you analytical insights, you can always measure the effectiveness of your loyalty program, and if required, you can make the necessary changes. And repurpose or relaunch your customer loyalty campaign. 

When you talk about the employability of these loyalty management solutions, you don’t certainly shoot in the air. The solutions help you gather data on repeat customers and hot prospects. Managing loyalty is nothing but establishing an emotional connection with your existing customers and prospects, as illustrated at the start of this article. 

The loyalty SaaS solutions help you build that emotional connection with your clients and customers by extending that extra value through rewards, discounts, coupons, etc. And in return, you get higher retention, repeat sales, and increased customer lifetime value. 

Now that we are clear about what loyalty SaaS solutions can achieve for you. Let’s look at leading loyalty management software for the travel industry. 

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Top Seven Loyalty Management Software for Travel Industry  

seven loyalty saas software

In the broad market of loyalty SaaS solutions, we find the following loyalty management programs suitable for the travel industry because these are the few software that give more weightage to integration and recognizing customer journeys. 

1. Loopy Loyalty  

 Loopy loyalty helps you boost consumer loyalty by introducing digital stamp cards. You can create and customize digital stamps aligning with your business theme and color. Loopy provides a dedicated platform to send these stamps directly to the customer’s smartphone. Also, the value you provide with these stamps is not notional, their bundle includes an app, “digital stamper,” that allows you to send rewards along with digital stamps. 

2. Annex Cloud 

 Annex Cloud is one of the most comprehensive loyalty SaaS solutions in the industry. The tool enables you to reward customers throughout their customer journey. Annex cloud’s loyalty solution focuses on experience-based reward delivery, so your customers never feel disconnected from your brand. With Annex’s loyalty tool, you can reward customers for every action in the customer cycle, not limited to only purchases. It could be a review, a social share, an endorsement, an affiliate mention and many such activities. 

3. Kangaroo Rewards 

 Kangaroo Rewards is a great loyalty management software for creating digital loyalty programs. The software allows you to add unlimited members to a campaign. It also offers social media integration with a tool to fetch reports and performance insights. 

 4. Hashtag Loyalty  

The hashtag is a hybrid loyalty management software specially designed for travel businesses. The software includes customer tracking, referral, and first-party data collection modules.  

 5. Comarch Loyalty 

Comarch loyalty is an excellent Loyalty SaaS solution for SMEs, startups, and travel agencies as it offers incredible customer personalization features at highly competitive prices.  

 6. Olark 

Olark is one of the rare customer loyalty management software available on all platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and android. Enables administrators to manage loyalty programs easily.  

 7. Capillary  

Capillary is an all-in-one loyalty management software for the travel industry. It provides quality customer and survey management features and has an integrated CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool.  

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After the jolt of the pandemic, business-to-business travel businesses need to re-establish communication with their old clients and customers. And find touchpoints to reward new customers. Implementing Loyalty SaaS solutions is an excellent way to win loyalty in a quick time. 

You can use the information in this piece to make an informed decision and select the right loyalty management solution for your travel business. 

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