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An Award-Winning DMC Increases Sales by 20% with Vervotech Curated Content

    Our client is a UAE-based destination management company offering travel management services to both B2B and B2C clients. The award-winning company provides access to over 200,000 hotels worldwide and offers personalized and all-inclusive tours and packages at a valuable price. They are a one-stop travel solution for all travel-related services such as worldwide holiday packages, hotel reservations, tours, excursions, and visa process.

    Challenges Our Client Faced:

    • Received the same hotel data multiple times
    • Duplicate hotel and room data
    • Incorrect hotel address and geocodes
    • No hotel or room images

    Value Delivered By Vervotech

    10% YoY increase in booking conversions

    20% increase in sales

    13% booking growth

    100% accurate hotel address with proper geocodes

    Download This Case Study to Find Out:

    How Vervotech helped the DMC streamline their cluttered hotel content

    How the DMC spotted issues in their hotel database and approached Vervotech

    We were quick to realize that our visitors were struggling to obtain the information they were seeking on our website. It was essential we revamped our website to address the complexities of our customer's booking journey.

    Head of Hotels, A global DMC

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